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Preview Days bring record attendance: New marketing efforts and a holiday weekend contributed to the increase in prospective students and guests

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Westmont had a record number of attendants at this past Preview Days, November 11th and 12th. Linnette Jambazian, the event coordinator, reports that “this was the largest Preview Days in school history. We surpassed preview day numbers by well over 100 guests/students.” Jambazian credits the success to hosting the Preview Days over a holiday weekend, as students are out of school and parents are not working, as well as to new marketing and communication efforts. However, while we had a groundbreaking number of attendants, Jambazian says, “we were expecting nearly 360+. With all the fires and road closures, we ended up having around 340.”

The Admissions team has made a significant amount of changes to Preview Days from past years. This particular Preview Days held new aspects that made the visit more than just a Preview Days. For some, admission into Westmont was granted during the weekend. “For the first time, we processed completed applications of students we knew were registered to visit. We packaged their acceptance notices - the infamous #WestmontSaidYes envelopes and President Beebe called out their names after his president’s reception and opening event. The students and parents were overwhelmed with excitement! Many of them have posted their photos on social media, too,” Jambazian reflects. Another event she praises was the opening dinner event in the gym, in which Jamabazian says, “we literally rolled out a red carpet to welcome them.”
One of the greatest changes for Preview Days, Jambazian reveals, “is a focus to be more concierge in our service by providing high touch and individual care as much as we can.” Admissions encourages prospective students to attend Westmont’s smaller events like the STEM Preview Days and the “Discover Your Westmont” where students can attend an existing event like Spring Sing. “We’re also taking advantage of opportunities for prospective students to interact with current students more, and experience college like at Midnight Madness. That was the first time Admissions planned a Preview Days around the event and partnered with WCSA for it and it too was a hit and we’ll continue that event next year,” says Jambazian.

Planning Preview Days around already existing student life events, Jambazian says, “We learned we can expect better turnout over holiday weekends and will be looking for those dates for the future Preview Days too.”


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