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Student artists sell their art at third annual Holiday Sale

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The Adams Center hosted the third annual Student Holiday Art Sale on Thursday, an event which has provided a confidence boost as well as some extra funds for the students involved.

“We doubled our sales from the first year to last year,” said Nathan Huff, an art professor who directed the event. “But mostly, it just serves as a really cool opportunity for our community to put their work out there, sell it, and talk about it to those interested. Ten percent of each sale goes directly to art student scholarships, but the rest of it goes straight back to the artist.”

“I wanted to allow students to feel pride with their work,” he said.

It seems the sale accomplished that objective. “I wasn’t expecting to sell anything but ended up selling a large portion of my printmaking work,” said Izzy Esber, a third-year studio art major. “People even bought my test prints that I thought I would throw in there just for fun.”

Similarly, Madeline Lush, a second year Studio Art major, commented that despite her more than a decade of making art, she had never previously sold any of it, unsure how exactly to begin with the daunting process.

“I will definitely do this again next year,” she said. “I sold a good amount of my watercolor and oil paintings, but really I just loved getting to hang around and meet people who wanted to buy my work and talk to them about my process.”

For Emily Mata, a third year double major in studio art and Spanish, selling her art brings the work full circle.

“It was not my first time selling at the holiday art sale, but it’s a joy every time I get the chance to. I had a lot of different mediums this year, like digital prints, drawings, one silkscreen print, and one painting, and it was really fulfilling to see a few of them sold.”

All three students said they applied skills taught to them at Westmont in various classes like Printmaking, Drawing II, and Digital Tools, in each piece displayed at the sale.

The Art Department encourages any student, staff member, faculty member, or recent alum that is creative in any sense and remotely connected to Westmont, whether an art major or not, to join the holiday sale next year. With pieces of all different mediums, ranging from embroidery, screenprints, knitted figurines, watercolor, graphic design, ceramics, and more, the holiday art show offers something to anyone looking to celebrate their own inner art critic or artist.


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