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Training begins for the run for water

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Westmont students join Team World Vision in beginning to train for the LA Marathon taking place in March to raise money for clean water for communities in Africa.

Team World Vision is a fundraising program that raises money by sponsoring runners in races across the country. The money is then put into wells, pipelines, rain catchments, solar pumps, drill rigs, and water kiosks, according to the Team World Vision website. “In Africa, water is life. [We] run for clean water and fullness of life.” People give millions of dollars to this mission each year—the website does not specify, however, to which countries in Africa the money is given.

There are many Westmont students who have decided to run for clean water. One student is first-year Allie White, who is running the LA half marathon. White has friends who work at World Vision in LA, so she had prior knowledge of the marathon, but did not decide to run until the opportunity was presented in chapel. “I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t feel a call to do it. I was telling myself I didn’t want to train, I didn’t want to get back into running shape, but then I was sitting in chapel, trying to decipher if I was telling myself I should do it or if God was telling me to, and then my friend turned to me and told me we should do it, so we decided to do it.”

Now that she has committed to running, White is looking forward to the experience. “I’m excited to glorify God and serve His people in this way,” she said. “Every time I go run, I pray that God will give me the strength to run for people living in poverty around the world and give me the humility to realize all of my privileges. Running a half-marathon is so simple compared to the lives that some people have to live around the world, so I’m going to take advantage of this small thing I can do to bring awareness to this issue.”

Senior Allison Tamte is also running the LA half marathon, despite little experience running. “I’ve never run more than three consecutive miles in my life,” she said. She is excited for the challenge though. She says, “I am looking forward to building community with my team through group runs. I also get excited thinking about reaching my goal and providing clean water to about 26 people!” When asked what motivated her to sign up in the first place, Tamte says, “after experiencing global service-learning trips in impoverished countries, I can’t do nothing. I have witnessed the many needs so many people around the world have and know I am called to help to the best of my ability, through the help of God.” Tamte is running with her younger brother, Ryan, who is currently a first-year.

White and Tamte will be joined by many other Westmont students and even a staff member or two in Los Angeles on March 24. The Westmont runners will be a part of a group of (as of press time) 829 participants who are teaming with World Vision to bring clean water to Africa.


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