Westmont students’ favorite hiking trails

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In an interview with the Horizon, Alex Morgan, talked about her favorite Santa Barbara hiking trail. Morgan is a first year student at Westmont. She has lived in Santa Barbara her entire life. Her favorite hiking trail is Tangerine Falls in Montecito. She describes it as “a fun hike with amazing waterfalls.”

“The hike gets pretty steep towards the top, but it’s worth it to see the 200-foot waterfall and the view of Montecito,” Morgan says. After the mudslides, the trail was closed.

A moderately easy trail is the San Ysidro Trail. But, as it gets higher, it gets steeper. “It is a great hike for sunny or warm days because it has a lot of shade,” says Morgan. “The entire trail is a 4.4 mile hike round trip. It has awesome views of the ocean, mountains, and the Channel Islands.”

Peter Hay, a Westmont student and rugby player, says his favorite hiking trail is Parma Park. “It’s not that steep, but it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the top. The top is beautiful with a picnic table and great ocean views.”

Peter also talks about another trail he used to love. “Cold Spring Trail used to be a gorgeous trail. It is pretty close to Westmont. But, after the mudslides, it was completely wiped out.’

Another place to hike in Santa Barbara is The Douglas Family Preserve. This three-mile trail along the sea cliffs has stunning ocean views and is not very steep. It is a family-friendly hiking trail.

Romero Canyon Loop is another favorite. This is one of the few loop trails. Before its devastation by the mudslides of 1978, Romero Road took drivers over the San Ynez Mountains. The road is now closed to the public. It is currently a popular hiking and biking trail. Chandler Kilpatrik, an avid hiker and Westmont student says his favorite place to hike is Lizard’s Mouth. He says that “it is not as much of a trail as it is just a cool recreation area.” Lizard’s Mouth offers some great ocean views. All of the paths lead to the same place, the “lizard’s mouth,” a huge boulder that has been carved by wind and resembles a lizard opening its mouth. Kilpatrik’s other favorite place to hike is the San Ysidro Canyon Trail. It is an 8.3 mile trail. It features a waterfall and offers a number of activity options. This trail is rated as “difficult” by AllTrails.com. It was damaged by the mudslides, but is currently open.

Cody LeFebre, a Westmont student from Colorado, is an avid hiker. He tells the Horizon “When going on a hike it is important to bring lots of water and wear good shoes. Also, poison ivy should be watched for. For beginning hikers, it is important to go at their own pace. The more someone hikes, the more they will become used to rugged terrain. When going on a hike, it is always fun to take a friend to share the wonderful experience with.”


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