Three candidates running for WCSA President

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Three pairs candidates are running for President and Vice President of Westmont College Student Association (WCSA). This is the first time three pairs have run since Presidents and Vice Presidents running together became required five year ago, according to Communications Manager Jazmine Anderson Islas.

Nolan Anderson is running for President with two and a half years of hall senator experience. “Above all, I promise to hold accountable those you have entrusted, whether that is the administration, other student organizations, Student Government as a whole, or myself,” says Anderson.
Running alongside him is Jonathan Lee, a sophomore data analytics major. He says, “a vote for me is a vote to be heard, a vote for change, and a vote for our future.”

Also running for President is George Mathen, who served as Clark Senator his sophomore year. He says, “I hope to further a vision of coherence and trust amongst the large entities of this campus (Residence life, ICP, WCSA, etc.), the student body, and the administration--so that we can better tailor to the various needs of our community.”
His running partner is Hendrik Struik. As a sophomore he served as the WCSA Academic Liaison. “Our goal is to serve you. We are stronger together, and our hope is to unite our community, through service and mutual respect for one another.”
The final candidate for WCSA president is Kevin Kinyon, who has served WCSA as a hall senator. “I hope to bring a Christ-centered, servant-leadership approach to WCSA … As WCSA, we are your voice, it is about time we started speaking up for you.”

His running partner is Jacob Norling. It is his hope that the “platform of WCSA will allow him to inspire fellow students who have not taken stereotypical paths to pursue positions of leadership.”
Additionally, two people are running for the position of Business Manager.
One of the candidates for Business Manager is Isaiah Lopez, a second-year business student. He hopes to use his economic experience for the betterment of students. “I have previous experience managing financial portfolios for small businesses and the drive to maximize the academic and extracurricular opportunities for students.”
Third-year business major Ashley Masso has similar goals. She says, “as a qualified business student, I hope to work as Business Manager of WCSA in order to steward your funds well and unite the student body.”
The Communications Manager position is also contested. Camille Viscuglia states that her goal “is to communicate efficiently to the student body so all voices are heard and all ideas or concerns can be presented in a safe space.”
The other candidate, Kat Marquez, brings with her a career in student government. She says, “Having six years of previous student government, I would be honored to represent my peers to the best of my abilities.”
Odile Ndayishimiye is the only person running for the position of Diversity and Inclusion Senator. She says, “I am looking forward to creating a place with you, where each story is celebrated and where being different is a gift to yourself and to this community.”

Second-year Zion Shih, an engineering physics student, is running for Academic Liaison.
Jeremiah Stagel is running uncontested for OV/Off Campus Senator. “My goal as off campus Senator is to promote transparency in the communication between the administration and the Westmont community by strengthening the student and administrative relationship.”

Rising junior Noah Good plans to run for VK Senator. “I hope to promote communication between the students and administration on topics that effect campus life.”
Hannah Fisk is running uncontested for GLC Senator. “My vision is that student government be a channel for constructive conversation and creative change on campus.”

WCSA will host its annual speech night Tuesday April 9, at 6 p.m. in Founders. Starting with the Senators and ending with the Presidential Candidates, everyone will give a five minute speech for the position. Voting will take place on April 10th via online ballot and the results will be released the following day.


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