Spokemodels for... burgers?

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Carl’s Jr.’s new commercial puts a spin on the film “The Graduate,” starring Victoria’s Secret supermodel Heidi Klum as Mrs. Robinson, to advertise their new Jim Beam® Bourbon Burger. In the film, Klum as Mrs. Robinson traps a recent college graduate in her home and attempts to seduce him. The commercial mimics the film’s script and blocking, even including the famous shot of Mrs. Robinson’s leg framing Benjamin as he tries to leave. The commercial claims that the burger “will make a man out of you”. Klum poses erotically, clothed in a revealing, low-cut dress.

The company has been using the female body for marketing purposes (as opposed to marketing towards women) since 2005. Paris Hilton starred as the first spokesmodel for the chain in a series of racy, seductive advertisements found not only on TV, but also in the form of giant standing cardboard cutouts in the restaurants. Being Carl's Jr.'s spokesmodel of the year comes with a lot of popularity and social influence

I find this type of commercializing absolutely appalling and pointless. Not only is Carl’s Jr. objectifying women by using their bodies to gain both viewership and sales, but they are also losing sales from women like me who are disgusted by that type of advertisement.

As a child, I loved their chicken stars. I was very upset one day when my mother announced that we would no longer be eating at Carl’s Jr.

As an adult though, I finally understand! I get embarrassed when walking by their billboards, cutouts or commercials on the TV. I question my own body, and I question the thoughts of the men around me.

How is it okay to cause women to feel like this? Why is this sort of awful objectification tolerated? The use of a scantily-clad women flaunting her assets and moving in a seductive manner is unbelievably inappropriate and disgusting.

I challenge you, readers, to take a stand against Carl’s Jr. and their advertisements. It may be as small as boycotting their food or as big as writing letters to their CEO (who reportedly lives in Montecito!). As for now, my childhood favorite, chicken stars and criss-cut fries, will just have to wait until the company stops advertising with porn to get the attention of men.


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