Dorms talk self-esteem issues

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With the hopes of encouraging conversations about how students view themselves and think about their holistic qualities, Emerson and VK paired up this past week to put on the event, Whole: Self-Image Within Westmont.

Both dorms featured several "mini-campaigns" according to third-year RA Devon Johnson, that followed the theme of fostering positive self-esteem. Residents had the chance to write down various insecurities, pin them up in the lounges and find comfort in reflecting that their peers struggle with similar issues.

This week was centered around finding redemption through scripture and the encouragement of fellow residents. Third-year Haley Horaney found Jeremiah 29:11 particularly influential because it "reminded [her] of God's bigger plans" for her life while Jesse Sproat, also a third-year, was encouraged when reading others insecurities and was able to relate in similar struggles.

Emerson and VK staff members thought it important to plan this week of activities because as students, they were more than aware of the pressures placed on them by both society and themselves.

By providing a safe place for people to come forward with doubts and giving them a chance to evaluate who they were, dorms became a place of community to open up about issues weighing on everyone’s hearts.

VK resident third-year Mackenzie Young appreciated the dorms’ interest on the topic because she believes, “negative self-image and lack of confidence are issues that have a strong presence here on campus.” She thinks it is important to “open a dialog on how this affects our student body and raises questions as to how we can counteract the damaging effects of poor self esteem.”

Although the RAs only administered events for this last week, they hope to see a continuation of the conversation they started both within the residence halls and throughout campus, as people wrestle with what it means to be a fully embodied person.


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