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Color change is official

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Westmont has a new color and emblem as of May 2014. There are now slight changes to the Westmont seal, emblem, department logos and color in an aesthetic decision made to implement unity among departments and give the school an updated look.

Some students, however, have not taken well to the change.

“It’s red, I hate it. It’s cardinal red,” said first-year Travis Smelley. “The concept is great to bring unity…but I don’t know, it deviates from Westmont’s maroon.”

The Westmont College Magazine Spring 2014, speaks to these changes. The school seal-- used for official communications and formal occasions-- has an updated Bible, cross, torch and crown.

The new primary signature-- used for academic and co-curricular offices, departments and programs-- is the college’s most commonly used logo. With the seal on the left and the word “Westmont” written in the same print as before, this logo also has a brighter color.

The color is now PMS 201, and previously the color was PMS 202. PMS or Pantone Matching System, is a universal coloring system used for print, fabric and paint.

First-year Blake Dundas believes the color looks all too similar to one of Westmont’s rivals: “It looks like Biola, it’s not Westmont.”

According to Jack Winguard, the Design Studio Manager at Biola, their official color is PMS 186.

Nancy Phinney, Westmont’s Director of College Communications, said that the change took about a year to implement. The decision was not only aesthetic, but to create and integrate distinctive marketing and positioning; a “check off” of the Strategic Planning Process that takes part every year.

This decision requires the Campus Bookstore and the Athletic Department to order new merchandise. The bookstore has already implemented the new color on the shelves, and the Athletic Department will order new uniforms as they are needed. Some have already been ordered.

Joanne Gish, the Bookstore Manager, is expecting the PMS 202 color will be out of stock by commencement.


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