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Midnight Madness Returns to Murchison

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It’s late October, and that means basketball season is right around the corner. Westmont kicked off the season with Midnight Madness on Thursday Oct. 23.
After a mad rush for some free t-shirts, the majority of Westmont’s student population poured into Murchison Gym, and the festivities got started with a little help with Westmont’s newly assembled cheer squad. They got the crowd pumped with a couple of daring flips and handsprings.
After an energetic mash-up of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and Outkast’s “Hey Ya” from the Aah-Men acapella group, the Lady Warriors stormed the court dressed as nerds.
Then, the mens’ and womens’ basketball teams competed in a three-point contest. The women destroyed the men, sinking their skill shots beyond the arc just as the men moved on from the corner to the top of the key.
When asked about her Midnight Madness experience, second-year guard Natalie Florescu said, “I had a great time at Midnight Madness. It was awesome for us to come and defend our win from last years three-point contest. So, that was awesome.”
“Yeah it was a lot of fun,” said second-year men’s teammate Sam Bentz. “We had great support from the fans, disappointed about the loss to the women’s team in the shooting competition.”
The dunking competition was memorable, from behind-the-backboard dunks to fourth-year teammate Jay Larinan’s selfie and fan club. Even some of the ladies got involved. Fourth-years Esther Lee and Celina Gougis paired up for a monster slam on a six-foot hoop.
Florescu agreed that the dunk contest was great. “It was hilarious what Esther and Celina came up with, and I thought the boys who competed really showed their talent,” she said.
David Gunn, a first-year from Danville, Calif., blew the crowd away. Gunn asked his “Westmont Wow,” first-year Erin Leahy, if she would go on a date with him if he could throw down a dunk over her head with his 6-foot- 8-inch frame. Gunn cleared with a splendid 360 degree dunk, capturing the victory.
NSTEP closed out the evening with an extremely entertaining dance routine.
Midnight Madness was a great kickoff to the basketball season, now Westmont students can look forward to watching the men and women’s teams pursue their National Title dreams.


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