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GSAC Playoff Seeding

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Fall sports are nearing the end of season. While this is is indeed a sad event, it leads to something very fun: the playoffs. It can be a magical time here at the ‘Mont-- and maybe even a little confusing-- but have no fear! An understanding of how GSAC playoffs is here!
Our first look is at volleyball. Sadly, volleyball does not have a playoff for GSAC divisions. Volleyball simply takes the team with the best record and proclaims them the league winner. So for volleyball, there is no playoff magic until the national tournament,
which Westmont volleyball will miss out on this season.
Soccer in the illustrious Golden State Athletic Conference is an entirely different, crazy beast. Within the conference, each team is awarded points based on wins, ties and losses. In GSAC play, each team is awarded three points for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss.
Both the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams are battling for a position in the playoffs.
Each team is given points, and this ranking indicates the seeds in the GSAC playoffs. The seeding in the GSAC is important as this defines where and when each team plays.
The bracket for soccer goes something like this: first and second seed get a first round bye, while the third seed is at home playing the sixth seed and the fourth seed is at home playing the fifth seed.
So three hosts six, four hosts five, and one and two get a break. The home advantage always goes to the highest seed remaining. So, in the second round of the playoffs, the first round winners will play the one and two seeds at their places.
For the Women’s soccer team, this could result in two home games. They have only lost two home games all season.
Meanwhile, the Men’s team is looking to secure the fourth seed, or maybe better, earning a first round home game.
Keep track of the GSAC race on the conference’s home website, and be sure to go to these important home games for all of our teams. Go Warriors!


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