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Euphoria in San Francisco

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After a 10-0 victory in Game six, the Kansas City Royals were riding high. Game seven was coming, in their park, in their city, and this was going to be their victory.
But a certain Giant wasn’t going to let that happen.
World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner pitched five shutout innings on two days rest and the Giants won their third World Series Title in five years last Thursday. They have now won the title in 2010, 2012, and 2014.
Despite their success, the Giants did not have a team of highly paid superstars or one-year deal free agents.
The roster included several hard workers that came together,overcoming injury and loss, to defy the predictions and capture yet another World Series.
So, on Halloween morning, San Francisco celebrated.
The street was a sea of black and orange. The city estimated that over 1 million people jammed themselves up against the barriers to see their favorite players.
Karen Garcia told ABC, “I am tired, I am wet, I am cold and there's no place that I'd rather be than here."
The parade started with a bang, as the SF band and cheer squad rolled down the street.
The air was thick with the smell of pizza and fried rice, as vendors started peddling gear and snacks to the people who had been standing there for almost six hours.
A shout went up from the crowd as the players began to arrive in double decker buses. Shortstop Brandon Crawford and first baseman Brandon Belt waved enthusiastically to the crowd as they rolled down the packed street, curving a river through the masses.
Out of a hail of shining tickertape, Pablo Sandoval flashed a winning smile and three fingers that seemed to say, “did you really doubt us?”
Chants of, “MVP, MVP,” echoed down the street. Madison Bumgarner himself smiled and waved to the San Francisco crowd, who knew that this parade may not have happened without him. A North Carolina native, country-boy Bumgarner even mounted a SFPD horse for a brief photo op.
Former Giants icons, including Willy Mays, Barry Bonds and J.T. Snow followed the players. Even longtime Giants’ supporters Metallica graced the crowd with their legendary presence .
According to ABC, all of the Giants employees, including a memorabilia seller that had been working with the Giants since 1961, were in the parade.
When asked about the parade, fans responded with breathless excitement and admiration.
Westmont second-year Kenzie Nguyen emphatically stated! “Ug! Don’t put me on the spot! But it was super cool!”
To close out the parade, manager Bruce Bochy held the championship trophy high through the shouts of “BRUUUUCE” and the flurry of ticker tape.
It was the perfect end to a great parade. Rain and cold didn’t stop the Giants fans, and the players took notice and were visibly moved by the support.
Though the parade came to an end, the celebration didn’t. Fans stayed in the streets for hours, savoring the winning title. The Giants are world champions.

Photo by David Weller


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