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The Path to Africa

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The women’s basketball team held a fundraiser Sunday, Oct. 26 in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, to raise money for their trip to Africa.
In August, they will be going to Kenya and Uganda to share the gospel and reach out to the community. The team will be partnering with Sports Outreach, a nonprofit organization that uses sports as a medium to bring people together by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.
Westmont students will travel into the local slums to reach out to physically handicapped children, growing villages, and victims of HIV.
The team will also get to use their basketball experience on the trips, running clinics and playing a local university team.
Head coach Kristen Moore said, “I love the fact that our team has the desire to use their gifts to share the gospel and help people in Africa and they're working really hard to raise the money to fund this trip. I am proud of the effort they're putting in.”
For their fundraising event, the women warriors asked Leah Marie O’Brien-Amico, to speak on leadership. An All- American softball player from Chino, Calif., O’Brien-Amico played for the Arizona Wildcats. She is also a three-time Olympic gold medalist.
In addition to O’brien-Amico’s speech, the players booked live music and planned a silent auction.
Dr. Rhee, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, said, “I appreciated hearing that the student team members themselves took the initiative on desiring and planning the mission trip and therefore planning for that fundraiser. Every member took part in contacting the people for auction, serving guests, and even entertaining the guests with their performance, which was impressive. I was moved by how they brought together their passion for basketball and their compassion for God's people in Uganda and Kenya. I would like to continue to support them and keep them in my prayers as they prepare their hearts.”
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