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Art for art's sake - or - writing to write

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Writing as an art form can easily become a lost in a world of deadlines, midterms, and essays.
Westmont’s Writer’s Guild, however, is an on-campus group of enthusiastic writers that aim to communally engage in the art of writing.

The Guild consists of approximately 10 to 14 members who meet every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to share, critic and encourage one another in a variety of writing genres.

These genres include: fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, prose, plays, and the like.
Fourth-year Laura Nepodal founded the group last spring after taking a creative writing course with Dr. VanderMey who is now the club’s adviser.

During the class, Nepodal and a few other students participated in peer writing groups which they grew to love.
The Guild was thus created in a desire to continue, as well as bring others into, this facilitation of creative exchange and edification.

Each week three writers from the group post their work on a Google Drive page, created by Nepodal, for the rest of the group to read preceding the meeting. This was implemented in hopes of producing constructive criticism and insightful encouragement.

Second-year student and member of the club Valerie Cripe said, “Writer’s Guild is an invaluable resource,” said second-year member Valerie Cripe. “We are all very supportive.”

For many people, writing provides a sense of freedom to express, to release, to process and to think.
“It’s just so freeing, being able to write stuff that you know isn’t going to be graded. It’s just for fun,” said Cripe. “Sharing your work, especially when it’s like writing, or even art, or photography, or anything like that it really does require courage because that’s showing a part of yourself.”

The club endorses both a variety of genres and a variety of writers—writers of all different abilities and interests. Cripe stated, “anyone who goes to Westmont, whether it be faculty, staff, or students, they can join”

The club has collaborated with Dr. VanderMey, and also with Professor Orfalea on a few occasions.

“Beforehand, I felt kind of defensive about the way I write. But being in Writer’s Guild has helped me kind of break down the defense,” said second-year Cat Sui. “We write because we want to write, not because we want to be better than anyone.”

The club has also been able to connect with established writer Jessie van Eerden, author of “Glorybound,” during her visit to and lecture at Westmont.

“When you meet a writer, it doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re all writers, and you all have that equal, common ground,” said Cripe.

The Writer’s Guild meets in the second floor lounge in Reynolds Hall. Those interested in joining the Writer’s Guild may e-mail Nepodal at: lnepodal@westmont.edu


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