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Poehler surprises with new bestselling book

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Parks and Recreation enthusiasts, hold onto your waffles. Amy Poehler’s new book, “Yes Please” is everything fans could hope for.

“Yes Please,” Poehler’s first book, hit the shelves Oct. 28 and has been received with excitement by fans all over America.

It is already a #1 bestseller on Amazon and one this season’s biggest books, according to Barnes and Noble. It has received an average of four and a half out of five stars.

Amy Poehler is a 42-year old actress, best known for her work in “Parks and Recreation” as Leslie Knope and her many years in the beloved late night comedy show, “Saturday Night Live.”
Poehler covers love, friendship, life, comedy and more in her memoir-esque book.

She weaves her unmistakable wit and comedy into something cohesive and endearing, in which she manages to tell her story while simultaneously commenting on her current situation and views on life.

The preface of “Yes Please” is a rarity; it’s interesting and fun to read. Poehler tells how the book was a real struggle to write as she “[was] going through a divorce and producing many projects and falling in love and trying to make appointments for cranial massage.”

Her honesty truly sets her book apart. “I tried to tell the truth and be funny. What else do you want from me, you filthy animals?” Poehler declared at the end of her preface.

“Yes Please” is divided into three parts: “Say Whatever You Want,” “Do Whatever You Like,” and “Be Whoever You Are.”

Each chapter title sports an eye grabbing title, such as “Talk to Yourself Like You’re 90,” “The Russians are Coming,” and “Let’s Build a Park.” Despite what avid “Parks and Recreation” fans may want to believe however, Amy Poehler is not her beloved character, Leslie Knope.

Knope is rather like a personification of all the things Poehler likes about herself, mixed with some ‘goodie two shoes’ vibes and the cleaner side of her humor.

“Yes Please” shows the personality behind the comedy that fans of Poehler’s work on “Parks”, “SNL”, and various improv shows have been missing all these years.

It is true that “Yes Please” is not the ideal work of literature. Poehler uses some choice language, and devotes quite a number of pages to “fluff,” such as two pages of haikus on plastic surgery and five pages on a completely crazy birth plan.

But isn’t that what Poehler is loved for? What these seemingly random snippets really do is remind the reader is that Poehler is a comedian.

She writes jokes, screenplays, and scripts for a living, and even though her book seems to take some weird turns every now and again, Poehler is true to herself and to what she knows how to do.

That being said, Kevin Nguyen of Hollywood Prospectus commented that “‘Yes Please’ is very much a book for people who are already in love with Amy Poehler.”

“Yes Please” is also chock-full of helpful advice for the college student, including but not limited to, “Sleep helps you win at life,” “We supported ourselves with odd jobs and writing gigs,” and “I think middle age begins once you start looking forward to eating dinner before six thirty, or when you call the cops when your next-door neighbor has a party.”


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