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Women are very competitive. This may not be a surprise to you, but I have seen a large competitive nature in our women at Westmont when it comes to relationship status. Also, we are scared of buzzwords because they are getting a lot of attention elsewhere, like the media.

Feminism isn’t a scary word. I have reluctantly used the term because I didn’t fully understand it. I thought if I was a Feminist, I was a man-hating, stay-at-home-mom reluctant, superior-thinking woman. I have recently come to understand being a woman is a joy, and celebrating that should not be a metaphoric crime. I think it’s sad it has taken me this long to celebrate my gender.
One of the ways I have celebrated my gender is through respecting others’ choices, and being self-assured about my own. I thought that because I don’t want children right now, or because I am single, that somehow, in some world, I hate men. The thoughts about my future plans seemed to dictate the instinctive, God-designed person I am. And I am tired of having them do so.

I encourage you to think about how you view Feminism and your reasons for putting or not putting yourself in the category. Make your views unique to you regardless of what they are. Being a woman is a God-given gift, and let’s treat us as such. Lets also respect our fellow women.

Let’s stop bashing the decisions others make, whether it is marriage or singleness. I’m not putting myself at a disadvantage by being single, and couples that get married after graduation are not either. God has a unique plan for each of us, and we need to recognize that everyone has a different path.

Being a wife and mother is an honor, and many of us would not be where we are today without the genuine parenting our mothers gave us by staying at home and raising us. On the other hand, being single offers many opportunities we wouldn’t have if we were in a couple.

Know we have choices. If you are thinking of motherhood, know you aren’t limited to being a mother. If you want to remain single, don’t limit yourself by letting your womanhood be defined by it. Being a mother is just one piece of identity and singleness is, too.


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