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On Taylor Swift Opposing Streaming

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Music is an art form capable of altering moods, livening social situations, and helping people feel connected to culture and humanity. Music is an effective means of self-expression and a cathartic release for many people. Music is a beautiful, natural and even medicinal phenomenon that is the right of every human to experience, regardless of financial means.

Taylor Swift’s album “1989” was released on Oct. 27, 2014 and in one week sold 1.287 million copies, becoming the second highest album in 2014 behind the “Frozen” soundtrack. She is the only artist to have all three of her albums go platinum in a single week.

There is no doubt that this woman is highly talented, but her recent statements regarding “streaming” music have brought attention to the media.

She is a strong opponent of free music for the public. In an earlier Op/Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, she stated outright that music should not be free and artists often underestimate their art.

Swift is definitely missing something when it comes to her lack of presence on Spotify.

She stated in a recent interview with TIME magazine that she wants to stay away from putting her music on Spotify as well as streaming. She believes that people should feel a value to what musicians have created and should be required to pay for it.

The reality is that streaming is the direction our world is headed towards. Album sales are decreasing, while the percentage of streaming has been increasing every year since the early 2000s.

Sites such as Spotify do not seek to devalue music, they work to promote it. Streaming music allows listeners to hear a diverse sampling of music that may have never been heard otherwise. This can and often does lead to individual song or album purchases through sites like iTunes. As a matter of fact, many streaming sites feature an option to buy each song and/or album streamed with the click of a button.

Spotify has a total of 40 million users, 10 million of whom pay for a subscription. If Swift wants to stay around and be a relevant artist going forward, she needs to start streaming her music because that is the way of the future not album sales.


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