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Silver screen spotlight: "Big Hero 6"

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The new Disney animation film, “Big Hero 6” hit the box office with a bang on Nov. 9 and soared to number one, surpassing even Christopher’s Nolan’s new sci-fi film, “Interstellar.”

“Big Hero 6” is an action-packed and comedic film about boy genius Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) and his big inflatable robot companion, Baymax (Scott Adsit). The “Big Hero 6” characters are Marvel Comic creations, brought to life by Disney.

“Big Hero 6” centers on 13-year-old Hiro’s journey through loss and adolescence, towards something greater—fulfilling the grand potential of his prodigal mind. The film begins with Hiro entering his independently crafted robot into a street pod-battle, or robot fight.

In the film, Hiro’s genius is depicted through his own individual innovation with technology. It is not until Hiro’s older brother Tadashi Hamada (Daniel Henney) encourages Hiro to utilize the mind he’s been gifted with for something greater that he begins to stretch, dream, and truly invent.

Hiro enters a big contest in an attempt to gain admissions into his brother’s robotics academy. He is humbled by the difficulty of inventing something truly different and new.

While presenting to the academy, Hiro states that the only limitation to invention is one’s imagination. This theme runs true throughout the entire film as unlikely characters armed with creativity become the best heroes. Heroes that are defined by both their actions and their intentional inaction.

The “Big Hero 6” crew is made up an odd and comedic compilation of four nerds, their friend Fred (T.J. Miller), Hiro, and Baymax. These characters are each depicted throughout the film in consistently bright colors, adding to the life-giving and imaginative undertones of the film.

Baymax is Hiro’s big, caring, and “huggable” robot side kick throughout the film. He was originally created by Tadashi to be a robotic health care assistant. As the plot twists, Hiro improves Baymax by giving him new fighting abilities. Although Baymax undergoes alterations, he remains loyal to the good-intended nature for which Tadashi created him.

Baymax’s round, marshmallow-like figure coupled with his calm monotone and obliviously humorous statements provide a consistent source of laughter throughout the film.

The overall plot of the film, though at times predictable, is action-packed, charming, and enjoyable. It is a film about growing up, innovation, adventure, and the importance of healing instead of seeking revenge.
“Big Hero 6” is a film mutually entertaining for parent and child, or even for the college student. It is a fun break from studies, and a great opportunity to channel one’s inner kid.


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