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“Foster the People” tour visits Santa Barbara

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Making a splash at the end of their tour, Foster the People had their final performance of their tour on Saturday night at the Santa Barbara Bowl for their new album, “Supermodel.”

The show featured remarkable opening performances from Soko and Sylvan Esso. Soko, a French solo artist named Stephanie Sokolinski who topped the charts in Europe, performed first and then Sylvan Esso, a duo from North Carolina captivated the crowd with Nick Sanborn’s electronic stylistic music and Amelia Meath’s strong vocals.

It was an evening of mesmerizing music with the Santa Barbara Bowl filled to its brim. The new renovations to the bowl provided a fresh and entertaining venue for the trending band, as they welcomed music lovers of every age and from all walks of life.

As soon as Foster the People took the stage, the audience went wild. The crowd jumped and swayed to songs such as “Pumped up Kicks,” “Coming of Age,” and “Helena Beat.”

“This night will never happen again,” said lead vocalist, Mark Foster. “We will never all be here at this very moment, standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone around you. We are only here once so enjoy it!” The band took full advantage of Santa Barbara’s stage. The performance featured a bright light show that was embedded into the dynamic stage and kept the crowd cheering all night.

Mark Foster (vocals, guitar, piano and synthesizer), Jacob “Cubbie” Fink (drummer), and Mark Pontius (backup vocals and bass) came together as a band in 2009 in Los Angeles.

Their first big hit, “Pumped up Kicks” came out in March of 2010 and topped the charts. The song won Song of the Year by WEQX Award in 2011 and Rock Song of the Year by Billboard Music Awards in 2012. Their music video for Coming of Age has recently been nominated for International Video of the year by MuchMusic Video Awards.

Foster the People said their goodbyes to the crowd, as this was the end of a long journey for the band. Saturday was the last night of the band’s tour after being on the road since January. They will now return home for some rest and relaxation, before preparing more of their music for the future.


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