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“I can’t find your belly button Mr. Giant!” declared ComedySportz performer, Holly Gray.

Saturday night was filled with laughter, fouls, applause, and a few prime puns. LA improv troupe ComedySportz visited campus in a WAC-sponsored, all-campus event. Over 300 students were in attendance, according to WAC representative Celestine Jahren.

ComedySportz is an interactive improv show developed by the National Comedy Theatre where two teams of comedians compete against each other in various improv games, according to the group’s website.

Saturday included games such as, “Try That on For Size,” “College Student Bad Worse,” and “Pick a Text.”

Troupe member Eddie Quintana ran onstage first, donning a black and white striped referee jersey and let the audience know that they were in fact loyal fans, there to support the creatively named Red and Blue teams. He also introduced that night’s keyboardist, Jonathan Dinerstein, who played live accompaniment to the constantly changing acts.

“I love improv, and the more you do it, the more you find it relates to more things than improv. So, to people who aren’t performers, give it a shot! It’s cool!” said Quintana.

Each team was made up of two comedians wearing t-shirts in their respective team colors. Each team kicked off the night by playing a round of “Audience Doppelganger,” where each team captain searched the audience for someone who most resembled themselves. Blue-team captain Kristen Smith brought bearded first-year William Ostgaard onstage, and wrapped her hair over her chin to resemble Ostgaard’s beard.

After “Audience Doppelganger,” the teams competed in a game of “Try That on For Size,” where the referee had an audience member name an activity, such as fencing, then one of the two competitors did the motion of the activity and state, for example, “I’m fencing, try that on for size!” as Justin Michael Terry said to start out a match. The other competitor then had to mime the same motion, but assign it to a different action. “Luke I am your father!” by Kristen Smith was a crowd favorite .

“College Student Bad Worse” offered practical and not so practical advice to audience members who asked questions about college life. The most memorable piece of advice-- in response to the question, “What should I do if my roommate won’t clean the room?”-- was to take your roommate to a hill and accuse them of witchcraft, courtesy of troupe member Justin Michael Terry.

“Three Things” forced three of the four performers to communicate intricate and insane scenes to member Holly Gray with only motions and gibberish.

“Improv is good for everybody, [and] we strive to make everybody laugh!” said Gray.

True to the sports theme of the night, the referee called a 20 minute “halftime” or intermission, in which audience members enjoyed cupcakes and coffee, and Westmont’s own improv team, “Jestmont,” took the stage.

The constant unexpected twists and turns of the show kept the audience interested and constantly laughing.

“It was way funnier than what I was expecting,” said first-year Cole Eberwein, “It was really engaging.”

Westmont’s improv team, “Jestmont,” meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5-6 p.m. in Porter Hall.


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