Artist of the Week: Rachel la Commare

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Horizon: What’s your major and minor?

Commare: I’m a Liberal Studies major and Music minor.

Horizon: What is your earliest memory with music?

Commare: My dad was in a band and I always remember going out there [to the garage] and I’d sit on his lap while they played back the things that they recorded.

Horizon: Do you remember what your first song was called or about?

Commare: I wrote my first song, it was called “More,”… and I actually wrote it about [laughter] the “Twilight Eclipse” movie, as if I were Bella and the dilemma that would be. I actually sang that song at the talent show [in high school], and people were like, ‘that was such a good song!’ It’s funny that that inspired me then, compared to what inspires me now.

Horizon: What would you say inspires you now?

Commare: It’s definitely things in my life. I went through a thing last year where a lot of my friends were coming to me with things that were hurting them, or that were challenging them. I decided to put myself in their position, and granted I couldn’t … really, fully get across what they were going through, but I could try. So I would write songs for them and give it to them.

Horizon: What does self-expression through music means to you?

Commare: There are times where I will go to a piano and…need to get something out. It’s one of the most healing things for me. God meets me when I write these songs that totally, 100 percent get what I’m feeling. I sit there, and I’m like, ‘I may have come up with them, but God gave me the inspiration.’ It’s like God gets me. That’s my way of hearing God say, ‘I understand.’

Horizon: What steps have you taken to cultivate your musical talents?

Commare: I went and did the talent show junior year [of high school]. I eventually won that. The prize was to open for Sara Bareilles [and Tyrone Wells]. Then in the spring of that same year, there was a talent show here called ‘Santa Barbara Teen Star.’ The prize was $1,000, you get to open for Fiesta, [and] you get to record in a renowned studio.

Horizon: What have you learnt through singing, songwriting, and being in music?

Commare: So, I struggle with perfection. In music, nothing’s ever perfect. It’s been very humbling. I remember sitting in the prayer chapel…saying God, ‘you have given me this gift, how do I best glorify you?’ I heard the word “humble.” I just sat there and I was like, ‘I’m humbled that you have given me this gift and I’m going to do everything in my power to just give it back to you.’ I think that’s been the biggest lesson through music, that this music isn’t mine, this talent isn’t mine. I notice that the most when I lose my voice and it can just so easily be taken away.

Horizon: How are you hoping to pursue music after college?

Commare: Right now I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign. It’s basically a fundraiser so that I can go work with a Grammy-nominated producer. I already met with him, and he says that he really really wants to work with me. I’m going to college right now as the plan B, like if music doesn’t work out then I’ll have a degree, I can go get a job. I have to raise $15,000. I have until Dec. 13. If I can raise it then I get to go produce three songs of mine with this guy. If I could do that then the future’s wide open.

To find out more about Commare’s kick-starter campaign, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rachellacommare/rachel-la-commare


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