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Amazon Studios wants to make you a filmmaker

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Amazon Studios is aiming to shake up the entertainment industry this year with the slated release of 13 new original series and several theatrical movies on the horizon.

Originally opened in 2010, Amazon Studios has tapped Indie filmmaker and producer Ted Hope to head up this new project that is seeking to bring diversity of stories and plots to the entertainment industry.

So far, Amazon’s transformation of the entertainment industry has garnered recognition. At the 2015 Golden Globes, Amazon’s original series “Transparent” won Best Comedy Series and Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Of the 13 shows with pilots currently out, Amazon will allow viewer feedback to determine which shows get a full season. This policy is consistent with the company’s business model of allowing customers’ desires to direct where their money goes. For those interested in a show about a yoga instructor who’s dealing with life in Los Angeles, invest in a Prime account and watch the pilot for “Down Dog.”

Amazon encourages anyone to contribute footage or a full script to the company, and a committee will review it for possible production. While there is no guarantee, it’s an innovative way for young dreamers and amateur storytellers to catch the public eye.

The production process begins with submitting original work to Amazon Studios. Within 45 days, the project could be a major motion picture in the works. All the information for creating a storyboard proposal can be found on the Amazon Studio website.
The online monopoly continues to expand and innovate, which holds both its advantages and disadvantages. As prices begin to rise, there may be a decrease in buyers.

Ultimately, only time will tell what Amazon will attempt next, and how the public will respond to present and future developments. More information and previews of Amazon’s pilot shows can be found on their website.


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