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Spring Sing: rules!

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Cheesy songs. Colorful props. Obnoxious Costumes. Punny jokes. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we are in season… Spring Sing Season.

This is the time of the year when people from every corner of the school come together and perform their hearts out at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Years past have included hipsters and hicks uniting, a spork looking for a friend and senior contemplations about graduating.

This year, spectators and performers are eager to experience the magic that is Spring Sing. In years past, there have been minor modifications made over time, such as cross dressing regulations and limitations on lifting fellow performers in the air. Every change that takes place for Spring Sing is to improve the experience of every student, as well as equal the playing field for humor.

This year, by the direction of the Spring Sing Committee, the theme has been modified to be more than a phrase, and instead, be a focus of every skit that ties everyone together, while still promoting creativity.

“Communication Breakdown” is the theme for this year, promoting a catalyst that will showcase the student body’s creativity and energy on stage.

According to this year’s Spring Sing Producer, Connor Bush, they have implemented one major change that will have a great effect on how the student body interacts with the committee.

“The Spring Sing Committee has taken a significant shift. It has downsized from thirteen to eight members as we look to narrow discussions and make committee more of a hard-working, behind the scenes team,” said Bush. “The smaller size will also hopefully make the committee more approachable for directors and will lessen any sort of intimidation factor that the committee has been criticized for in past years.”

This year’s committee consists of Connor Bush as Spring Sing Producer, Bri Metzner as Business Manager, Becca Singley as Stage Manager, Andrea Sargent as Assistant Stage Manager, James Solum as Video Coordinator, Donald Scherschligt as Graphic Designer, Michael Guzman as Kickoff and Hospitality Coordinator, and Kai Sheets as Band Director.

As well as downsizing the number of members running the event, the Spring Sing committee has also found ways to improve the experience of the spectators, as well as promote a healthy competitive environment for the performers.

Because the Van Kampen Men won a contest at the Spring Sing Kick-Off, they have been awarded with ten extra seconds of wiggle room in their skit. This means that they have an advantage during their performance, as many groups tend to go a little bit over the allotted time and are subsequently penalized for it.

According to the committee, this year’s Spring Sing will also include the results of the time of each group at the end. This way, the audience will be more in tune with the reasons the teams have been docked points for going over eight minutes. The teams will also be encouraged after each other’s performances.

There are many ways for students to get involved in Spring Sing. You don’t have to only be a performer. You can build and paint the backdrops, choreograph, write the script, work backstage or even ask dorm director what work needs to be done in order to get a ticket. This year’s Spring Sing will be held on March 21 at the Santa Barbara Bowl.


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