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Apple enters the field of wearable technology

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Techies flocked to San Francisco on March 9th for an event featuring Apple's newest product: the Apple Watch.

CEO Tim Cook released important missing details about the product from the first big unveiling, including a battery life of around 18 hours and prices ranging from $349 to $17,000 for the 18k gold edition.

Critics and supporters alike screened the event. Buzzfeed released a video documenting two of their employees’ experience with the newest functional fashion, and they walked away with a positive outlook for the future of the Apple Watch. Buzzfeed reporters found the interface to be smooth, and the Glance apps—such as the time and the local weather popping up at the flick of the wrist— to be helpful.

Other reporters from The Independent said the battery life is unimpressive and the price could easily keep buyers hesitant about investing in one.

During the event, Apple kept staff by the testers’ sides at all times to explain the function and features. The watch did require a detailed tutorial, which might have been another drawback for critics.

The new smart watch will be able to sync itself up to any iPhone 5 model or above, connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and even to other Apple Watches, so friends can send direct messages to each other through the touch-sensitive interface. It’s able to play music, control an Apple TV, track fitness progress and send and receive messages.

Perhaps it’ll remotely walk dogs after a second iOS update.

Third-party applications, such as Instagram, are also in the works to be compatible with the Apple Watch. Most of Apple’s most frequented apps made the journey over to the lightweight new release, including maps and email.

This streamlining process and design eliminates the need to fumble with the phone in the car, with friends or during a meeting. All important messages can be read instantly with a glance at the wrist.

Apple’s fellow competitors in the wearable technology race include Google’s Android Wear, Google Glass and Samsung’s Gear.


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