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Artist of the Week: Paige Tautz

Views 113 | Time to read: 2 minutes | Uploaded: 2 - 4 - 2014 | By: Amanda Underwood

Paige Tautz is a fourth-year theater major with a passion for the arts like few others. Tautz participates in the Westmont Theatre Arts program as an actress, singer, dancer, director, producer, designer and choreographer.

Tautz was involved in theater in high school, but it was after her junior year, when she played Mabel in “Pirates of Penzance” (which is the show that our theater arts department is reviving right now) that she realized that theater was something she wanted to pursue.

After that show, she began to work for a community theater company, performing in musicals in Denver, where she had the immense opportunity to work with talented musicians and a choreographer to whom she accredits most of her dance training today.

During her senior year of high school, Tautz visited Westmont’s Fringe Festival. “I can honestly say it was love at first sight!” she said.

Since arriving at Westmont, Tautz has been enormously successful in her theatrical endeavors. Her major and passion keep her wildly busy, and she’s often involved in a multitude of projects at once. At present she’s working on five different shows between “Electra,” the “Pirates of Penzance” revival, “The Last Five Years” and two projects that will be features in the Fringe Festival this year (of which Tautz is also the artistic director).

Tautz completed her senior project last semester playing Bon in “White or The Muskox Play,” directed by fourth-year Lauren White. “It was an amazing experience,” said Tautz. “I’m so happy that many Westmont students got to experience this moving and theatrically rich production.” The piece was an astounding accomplishment for both her colleagues and herself.

Tautz mentioned that the other day she read a beautiful article in The Guardian by Jeanette Winterson that referred to art as made up of both “a passionate love” for the work and “a pulsing imaginative force.”

“That is the kind of Theatre Art that happens at Westmont,” said Tautz, “we learn to dream big and create wildly, with and for the people we love.”


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