Intramurals resume after a two-year hiatus

Mireille Minassian, Guest Writer

And … we’re back! A theme that has embodied this semester wholly. Westmont intramural games were put on hold for the past two years as we weathered the storms of the COVID-19 pandemic. This semester, however, teams new and old assembled to perform in some of the strongest exhibitions planned and executed by Westmont students. Competitions began on Feb. 14 at our beloved Murchison gym and were held weekly in the evenings throughout the spring: basketball on Monday, indoor soccer on Tuesday, and volleyball on Wednesday. As we near the end of the semester, Westmont intramural athletes enter the playoff weeks, where they hope to advance to the next round with each game. 

First-year student Kylie Dickinson participated in both basketball and volleyball this year. When asked what she most looked forward to when she decided to join intramurals, Dickinson said, “I was really looking forward to meeting new people and having something fun to do at night!” She also mentioned that her favorite memory was the time she made her first basket during a basketball game. Dickinson’s basketball team has made it into the playoffs and will play a high-stakes game this coming Monday evening, April 25, alongside the rest of the playoff teams. 

First-year Avery Schrude also played on both basketball and volleyball teams. Although she loves the competition of intramurals, Schrude also mentioned another important aspect of intramural sports: “I was most excited to get to know more people and play the sports I played in high school.” Luckily, intramurals provided just that. Schrude’s favorite part of intramural games so far has been the new connections she has made while also getting to spend time with her friends. 

As the year comes to a close, Westmont students are thankful for the new friends and opportunities the intramural staff has provided. Students who did not join intramural sports this semester will have the opportunity next year, and it is an experience that is highly recommended to anyone considering it! Make sure to look out for announcements about sign-ups next year! We are all grateful to be back. 

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