Senior Series: Drew Thompson


Ron Smith

Thompson competing in the 2021 Cal Invite.

Hunter Penn, Staff Writer

Drew Thompson — a fourth-year on the women’s golf team — has been a staple for the Westmont community. Thompson is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she lived alongside her parents and two sisters. Her older sister is in the Navy and her younger sister is still in high school, putting her right in the middle.

Before being given the opportunity to play golf here at Westmont, Thompson had never heard about the school, but as soon as she visited, she fell in love with the campus and location. 

Since Drew hadn’t heard much about Westmont, her experience on the golf team has been somewhat unexpected, but something she will always cherish. Her favorite thing about being on the team is “building such strong relationships with her teammates and making friendships that will last a lifetime.” She also added that being a part of a team in college has helped her become much better at time management. 

Alongside Thompson, the women’s golf team has been making great strides and competing well. Most recently, the women came first place overall in The Master’s University Dutch Classic. This win has put Westmont’s name on the map, showing that the women are ready to compete for the NAIA championship. 

Thompson is eager to see how the rest of the season continues, and she is excited to be a part of the action. 

Thompson did struggle with feeling like she missed out on things when she had to prioritize golf, and she sometimes contemplated whether it was worth being on a team over missing those experiences. She mentioned that “because I practiced so much, I made really strong bonds with my teammates, and it helped me cherish my team a lot more.” She continued, “I also knew they were feeling the same as I was, so it was super helpful to get through things with them.”

Other than golf, Thompson has a fun social life and prioritizes her academics. She is majoring in Economics and Business but still is a little bit unsure on which route she wants to take after she graduates. Thompson also talked about her interest in doing Real Estate, among other things. Thompson also wants to eventually travel with her family, “to build good memories.” Additionally, Thompson mentioned that she wants to “be able to give back to her parents for everything they have done for her.” 

Other than her occupational ambitions, Thompson mentioned that she looks forward to having a family. She said that this desire originates because she “comes from the most amazing family.” 

A couple fun facts about Thompson is that she loves Reese’s Pieces and Sushi! She also enjoys watching scary movies and spending time with her family.

We are excited to see how Thompson’s senior season ends, and we will support her along the way. You can catch the women’s golf team in their next tournament, the PCH Classic, on Oct. 31.

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