Westmont’s volleyball club hopes to compete across Santa Barbara


Jonathan Tiao

Men’s volleyball club playing during their Sunday night practice time.

Annika Bahnsen, Sports Editor

If you happen to be near the Murchison Gym on a Sunday evening, you will be able to hear the cheers and excitement coming from the Westmont volleyball club. 

Originally created last year by third-year Ethan Johnson, third-year student Shawn Yoshitani has taken on the role of president of this club during its second year of existence. According to Yoshitani, the goal of the club is to lead a group of students who love the sport of volleyball to play with purpose in a low-risk setting. 

The main group of athletes play indoor volleyball, but the club also offers a beach volleyball session throughout the week, creating a space for all types of volleyball players to join.

Although this is currently a co-ed club, the initial purpose of the club was to give the men of Westmont an opportunity to have their own space to compete because Westmont does not yet have an official men’s travel team. This has set the precedent for the entirety of the club. Yoshitani explained this by saying, “We wanted to make a space for playing volleyball in a more competitive environment on a men’s net.”

Men’s Volleyball club hopes that one day they can play against other club teams across Santa Barbara. (Jonathan Tiao)

Over time, the club wants to put its name on the map as an official men’s team and is slowly making progress toward that goal. As previously mentioned, the hope is for the men to compete on a higher, more professional level. Yoshitani said, “We wanted to create a foundation for a future club team that will play against other club teams.” 

Yoshitani has been in contact with other local Santa Barbara men’s volleyball teams with the desire to be in the competition pool. “I hope to see a men’s volleyball club that will be competing against other schools in the near future,” mentioned Yoshitani. 

Having various components adds to a fun and unique dynamic among the club members. The athletes’ levels of experience vary across the board, consisting of players who have been involved in volleyball their entire lives, to players who have just begun. Regardless, the men’s volleyball club has a lively, competitive atmosphere with hopes to continue improving. The games play by the official volleyball rules and Yoshitani holds this as an expectation for the team.

If you would like to join this club, head over to Murchison Gym any Sunday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the indoor sessions, and if you would like to participate in the beach volleyball matches, reach out to Shawn Yoshitani for more details. 

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