Way too early NBA predictions

Serena Nohmeh, Staff Writer

The planet’s finest basketball league is back in a thrilling, fully surprising way! The National Basketball Association (NBA) has started the regular season once again and Westmont students are ready to see where this year goes.    

According to online sources like ESPN, it is currently presumed that the Los Angeles Clippers are prepared to prosper in their regular season and take an in-depth playoff run. This pick is very controversial and most NBA fans tend to disagree. 

Personally, as a Los Angeles Lakers fan, I am very disappointed with how things have played out for us. They don’t hold any three-point shooters who are reputable on the other side and there is little concern when attempting to highlight players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. The Lakers roster is much weaker than other teams — LeBron and Davis will pull the team into playoffs. My fingers are crossed that we beat our faults and come through to really make the season.       

Let’s see what other Westmont students have to say about this:            

Fourth-year Kyler Warren — a center on the Westmont men’s basketball team — keeps up with his favorite teams. He mentioned, “My favorite team is the Lakers but I like the Bulls and the Hornets too. My prediction for the season is that I think the Lakers are going to win this year.”

Nick Gipson, a third-year Golden State Warriors fan said, “I want the Warriors to win but the Clippers are looking so scary this year due to the fact that they have their full squad back and they have the best supporting cast in the league. I also have a crazy hot take on Russell Westbrook, but I think either the Clippers are taking the championship and possibly the Warriors, and just maybe the Milwaukee Bucks.”                       

Devin Hernandez, a second-year athlete on the men’s basketball team mentioned, “My team is the Lakers but they aren’t going to do well this year, there is something about their chemistry that throws them off. On the other hand, the Warriors might come in the clutch again and win it all.”

Third-year Gerard Boutwell is excited to see what his favorite team has in store. He said, “The Houston Rockets are my favorite team and I am ready to see how they are going to carry themselves into the game. The Sacramento Kings are most definitely getting swapped. Also, Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets are the best.”

Second-year Ella Dedmorre is rooting for the Golden State Warriors to make it to playoffs but mentioned, “I am a little biased, I think that the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies could make it to playoffs, even maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers, and possibly the Dallas Mavericks. There is a possibility they may not but it’s going to be an interesting season, that’s for sure.”

Fourth-year Gabriel Hartounian is not a follower anymore but will be back in the loop once “the Boston Celtics win the championship.”

Justice Thomas, a second-year, said, “My favorite team hands down is the Los Angeles Lakers, however, I think the Golden State Warriors are gonna go all the way again and play the Chicago Bulls in the finals.”

Basketball season has officially started and everyone here at Westmont is looking forward to watching their favorite teams battle from net to net.

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