Dave Wolf coaches his final week at Westmont


Alyson Gee

Coach Dave Wolf retires after 32 years of coaching the men’s soccer team.

Katherine Bouma, Staff Writer

Beginning his coaching career in 1991, head coach for the Westmont men’s soccer team Dave Wolf has decided to retire after his 32nd year in the program. Wolf was named Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) Coach of the Year five times and has led his Warriors to the GSAC championships nine times during his career at Westmont. 

Coach Wolf has not only led the men’s soccer team to victories and athletic achievements the past 32 years, but he has also been a role model in academics, life and faith for his players. Third-year forward Braeden Pyror shared, “He is going to give everyone in and around the team everything he’s got. I’ve often thought of him as a complete individual and man. It always feels as though he has everything in his life under control and put together. There are layers to him that make him such a great character. He’s held me when I’ve been down before and has been harder on me than anyone else I’ve known.”  

Coach Wolf led the Warriors to a victory at the GSAC tournament in 2020 during his 30th year coaching. After winning 2-to-1 against Ottawa University, Pryor recalled a prominent memory he and many others on the team had: “After winning the GSAC my freshman year he came sprinting into the Ottawa locker room jumping up and down. You would have thought he was a first year coach with how much energy he had.” 

Through COVID-19, Coach Wolf managed to maintain a warm and positive environment for Westmont and the Westmont men’s soccer team. Second-year forward Spencer Crithfield shared that he was not able to meet Wolf during his recruiting process, however, “when I saw him for the first time he told me how excited he was to have me and gave me a huge hug, something that relieved a lot of my anxiety entering a totally new place. Coach Wolf can always communicate in a positive manner, despite the circumstances.” 

Many soccer players have shared that they feel Coach Wolf has pushed them to their highest potential. His persistence in guiding these men and providing challenges for them to individually grow makes him stand out as a collegiate soccer coach. Pryor shared, “he’s pushed me to a level that has opened many doors for me. He knows how to push everyone’s buttons the right way. But more importantly, he knows when to be just a friend to his players, which is the most important thing I think a coach can do.” 

On top of being the head coach for the men’s soccer team, Wolf is an associate professor of kinesiology here at Westmont. He has specialized in the psychology and sociology of movement, character and leadership development. After retiring from coaching soccer, Wolf plans on continuing to teach at Westmont. 

Wolf’s son and player on the soccer team Jackson Wolf said, “he loves coaching but he also really enjoys teaching and connecting with students that way. One quality that my dad has on and off the field that I admire more than any other is his ability to understand and not be quick to judge.” He continued, “No matter the circumstances, he will do his best to see both sides of something and try to put himself in someone else’s shoes. In doing that, he also has the ability of staying level-headed and never losing his cool and I have always admired him for that.” 

Westmont soccer will miss the supportive, trusting and strong-minded character that we know as Coach Dave Wolf. Thank you for the guidance, love and knowledge that you have illuminated onto your players for the past 32 years. You will leave an everlasting legacy with Westmont men’s soccer!

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