Senior Series: Kyler Warren


Noah Nims

Senior Kyler Warren

Serena Nohmeh, Staff Writer

Basketball has always been a sport Westmont students gather together to watch. A student who has admired the game for years also happens to be on the team!

Fourth-year Kyler Warren was born and raised in Atascadero, California. He started his collegiate basketball career at Allan Hancock College and then transferred to Westmont last year. Warren wishes he got to experience Westmont for all four years of college but is blessed to have his last two as a Warrior. “It feels crazy being a senior! But it feels good. Ready to move on to the next chapter.”

Warren recalls being introduced to basketball, sharing, “I started getting into basketball when I was only five!” With inspiration coming from such a young age, Warren would like to tell his five-year-old self, “Keep pushing because all the hard work you’ve done will pay off.”

When asked about his biggest achievements so far, he said, “I am grateful to be playing college basketball on a scholarship and winning athlete of the year at my high school.” Accomplishments like these keep Warren motivated and hungry for more! With his mindset and game, Kyler has a bright future ahead of him.

From 2021-2022 season stats, Warren has appeared in 26 games, making 21 starts. He averaged 14.8 minutes per game. He collected 92 rebounds and also added 23 assists and four blocks. Shown through these statistics, he is a staple for the Westmont team.

Warren also enjoys professional basketball and regularly keeps up with his favorite teams. He mentioned, “My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers but I like the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets too. My prediction for the season is that I think the Brooklyn Nets are going to win this year.”

Warren’s biggest motivator for his mentality is Kobe Bryant. Growing up watching Bryant play, Warren mentioned, “He taught me that the game is more about growth and showing love for how it is played. You have to have fun regardless if you go home a winner. When playing basketball, you will never go home a loser; sure, you may feel defeated, but always have a winning mentality.” 

After graduation, he foresees himself working in either California or Hawaii. He plans to graduate with a degree in economics and business.

As a message to his friends and family, Warren stated, “Basketball is more than a game. It has brought me some of my closest friends and most respected peers. I love to win but you have to have fun. My family and my legacy motivate me to keep going. It has been an amazing ride and I cannot wait to see what else I have in store for me.”

We look forward to supporting Warren’s play during his time here, and supporting him in his journey outside of Westmont! If you want to see Warren and the rest of the men’s basketball team play, the next home game is Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m. against Ottawa University Arizona. 

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