Will the MLS Return on May 11th?

Hunter Sipe, Staff Writer

As of recently, MLS has extended its season suspension until May 11, 2020. The question that we are all asking in the sports world: is this return date realistic? With President Donald Trump announcing the extension of social distancing until the end of April, it is most likely that the MLS will have to reconsider its decision in the near future.

With the date of the lifting of the suspension coming closer and closer, we have not been seeing any significant improvements that will allow the MLS to begin. If the MLS is allowed to play, it could potentially force other leagues such as the NBA, MLB, and many other professional leagues to begin, which could potentially put many of the athletes at risk.

If one sport begins, the others will want to as well because without games, the leagues have no way of generating profit. The MLS is trying to be optimistic and push for an early start if at all possible because it wants to be back on the money road. 

If they allow no fans at the matches, that would benefit the overall spread, but even if one player has the virus, we could see a dramatic influx of professional athletes and their families being exposed. Having such an early return date only has negative consequences for society, and should be extended much past the current expected date of May 11.

The MLS released a statement saying, “In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance to postpone events involving more than 50 people over the next eight weeks, Major League Soccer has extended the postponement of its matches during this period of time. MLS remains focused on playing the entire 2020 season and is evaluating all options, including pushing back the end of the season and playing MLS Cup in December, as the league did prior to the 2019 season.”

“The league is also identifying other available dates. Throughout this process, MLS will continue to prioritize the safety of our fans, players, employees and partners and to coordinate with federal and local public health authorities as well as other sporting organizations.” 

The MLS is optimistic, but the sports world as a whole is seeing the dramatic changes of the world that will put a hold on sports for much longer than we all expected. The best thing we sports fans can do is wait and see what happens.

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