Westmont’s predictions for the young NFL season

Annika Bahnsen, Staff Writer

With the stadiums empty and the crowds at home, the National Football League (NFL) season has kicked off and week one is in the books. American football is one of the most popular sports in America, with the NFL receiving millions of views per day, according to Yahoo! Sports. 

In conjunction with games, many NFL fans also immerse themselves in the world of Fantasy Football. In Fantasy Football, groups of people get together and compete against each other, trying to determine who has compiled the best football team through virtually drafting specific players from across the NFL. These leagues get intense and many fans play for money. Because of the intensity, a lot of people have created very detailed predictions about the upcoming season and hope their predictions are accurate. 

Recently, the NFL was shaken up by the exchange by the New England Patriots of Tom Brady, who has signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs, for Cam Newton, a former Carolina Panthers Quarterback. 

This switch-up has forced fans across the nation to alter their Super Bowl predictions and question the success of these newly stacked teams. 

Even though Westmont does not have a football team, there is still a strong fan-base on campus. I asked members of the Westmont community about their predictions for this season.

Coach Dave Wolf had some opinions on the upcoming season. 

“First, having grown up in the Chicago area, I’m mostly interested in how the Bears are doing and, at the very least, that they beat the Packers! … As far as the Super Bowl is concerned, I’m going to go with a little bit of an outsider pick: the Seattle Seahawks. They’ve been really good the past five years or so, have two amazing leaders, Coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson, and should be motivated by the fact that a team from their conference, Kansas City Chiefs, won it all last year.”

Jordan Douthit

The fact that the Seahawks have won their games in the first two weeks of the season is a cause for hope. Unfortunately, their starting linebacker Bruce Irvin tore his ACL during week two, which means other players on the team will need to step up in order to have a successful season. 

Hans Khoe, a junior at Westmont, said, “For who I think will win the Super Bowl, I’m always going to say the Patriots, but if not, I’d say the Chiefs will repeat. What I think about Cam Newton: I think he’s awesome. Incorporating more read-option and play-action passes into the mix made me think the Patriots were a whole other team. While I do miss Tom Brady, last Sunday gave me hope about how much offensive scheming the Patriots can do with a versatile player like Newton.”  

Cam Newton really showed his potential with Coach Bill Belichick’s Patriots during week one, but the Patriots lost to the Seattle Seahawks during week two’s play.

Junior Joshua Phillips also gave his opinions on the season. 

“I’d probably pick the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl again. They’re returning most of their starters, which should help early on this year since there was no preseason. And Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league, for my money.” 

Mahomes is a favorite going into this season because of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win last year and his documented leadership skills. 

There were answers across the board on which team would win the ring, but all of them seemed to have one thing in common: passion for the world of football.

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