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Phebe Chang, Staff Writer

After repopulating campus this past weekend, students have been readjusting to dorm life, DC food and outdoor classes. However, the student athletes, who have already had their seasons taken from them, are adjusting to one more daunting challenge — free time. 

Kaylee Ivie, a junior on the women’s volleyball team said, “It’s hard to say whether it’s been easier or harder, because with the free time I was given I took the liberty of taking more credits than I ever have in a semester because when else am I gonna get this opportunity?”

Emma Leathers, a sophomore on the women’s swim team, said, “It’s actually been weird because a majority of my friends aren’t on swim and now I can go to study groups and sessions and my grades have definitely improved. My swim schedule is usually in the morning and my study sessions are at night so now I can actually focus on stuff.”

COVID might have put a stop to the fall season, but my…grind has not stopped.”

— Patty Kerman

It seems like the free time has allowed these ambitious athletes to make the most of their time, despite not being able to dedicate as much of it to their sports. 

Patty Kerman, a junior on the women’s volleyball team, has put every minute away from the court into pushing the bounds of her education. 

“To be honest, I think I’m just as busy as I would be in season. I’ve taken the opportunity of no fall season to continue my summer internship into the fall … so work has taken up a lot of my time. COVID might have put a stop to the fall season, but my … grind has not stopped.”

Each team has different schedules, but most teams practice five times per week, with each session averaging at least two hours. Not only are they transitioning to individual or online training, but they’re also not seeing their fellow teammates. 

Leathers said, “I’m pretty sad because we have to abide by social distancing rules which means we have to be in groups of four or five.” The teams are split up into smaller “pods” that the athletes will train and spend time in community with. 

Ivie said, “It’s been a bummer not being able to see my best friends, but we try to connect with each other as much as possible.”

Leathers echoed Ivie’s thoughts. “Seniors also have to miss out on their seasons. Swimming is thought to be an individual sport but there’s a huge team aspect to it as well.”

Despite these challenges, Westmont is working hard to bring back the old normal. The women’s basketball team has even been able to practice in person. 

Iyree Jarrett said that practices are “really fun because it’s nice to be in person after all the online school.”

Selah Tennberg

Our Warriors have taken on another challenge and shown us how to make the most of our time. Not only that, but they have clearly led us to see that, despite the unusual circumstances, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Their efforts on and off the court are an inspiration to the rest of the community as we tackle the uncertainty of COVID-19 and appreciate every little blessing. 

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