Westmont’s creative workouts during COVID-19

Annika Bahnsen, Staff Writer

After being cooped up inside for months due to COVID-19, many people, including Westmont students, started getting creative with their personal workouts at home. Whether following YouTube videos online or creating their own personal workout circuits, people were forced out of their comfort zones. As people are slowly going back to work and school, finding quarantine-friendly workouts can still be a bit difficult. Unfortunately, many fitness centers and gyms still are closed because of the virus, leaving a lot of people on the hunt for their perfect COVID-19-style workout. 

Usually, here at Westmont, the student body can use the fitness gym for their own workouts. Due to CDC guidelines, the gym is temporarily closed. What is a student supposed to do to stay fit during school?

Sometimes, my friends and I go down to Lovik Field at night and kick around a soccer ball for a little bit. It is super fun and allows us to get some exercise.”


Living in Santa Barbara, Westmont students have access to the beauty of the ocean and the mountains, which allows many opportunities to exercise in such a gorgeous environment. Westmont offers the track as well as the different soccer fields to promote movement. Students around campus have taken up their own ideas to get active.

Dylan Wile, a sophomore here at Westmont, has been using the mountains behind campus to his advantage.

“Hikes have given me some of the best exercises during this quarantine. I personally enjoy the feeling of arriving somewhere — bonus points if there’s a cool view!” He said, “Simple stuff works too, like body-weight exercises at a beach, or taking a jog on our track. If you look for it, there’s plenty of ways to get active outside here.”

Behind Westmont’s campus, many trails wind around the beautiful mountains. A popular choice for many students is Arches, a trail that leads to the remnants of a house that overlooks all of Santa Barbara. Hot Springs Canyon Trailhead above Montecito is a nice hike that follows a stream through the mountain. Both of these trails, and so many more, give Westmont students a great opportunity to get outdoors and move.

Another way students have been getting active specifically here on campus is on Lovik Field. Sophomore Will Grout mentions how he has been working out with this resource at his disposal. 

“It is a little annoying that we can’t use the gym or fitness equipment so I have had to rely on cardio workouts. Sometimes, my friends and I go down to Lovik Field at night and kick around a soccer ball for a little bit. It is super fun and allows us to get some exercise.”

Most people have been finding innovative ways to keep their bodies moving while so many fitness centers and gyms have been closed up during quarantine. As places start to open up, it will be interesting to see if those who have been working out at home transition back into their previous workout regimens, or stick to their new arrangements. 

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