All the things to be grateful for this year

Katie Sherwood, Capstone Writer

With Thanksgiving week fast approaching, let’s take some time to reflect on the plethora of things to be thankful for this year. Here is a compiled list made by the writers at the Capstone, and we encourage all Westmont students to add on to this list things they are thankful for from their own life.

We are thankful for:

1. The beautiful autumn leaves that now cover every inch of campus, especially around the evergreen Pickle Tree on Kerrwood Lawn.

2. The extra time during Thanksgiving that we all wanted — no one voted to keep the four day break, right?

3. The extra time we spent at home with our families during the beginning of the school year. I know I really enjoyed sitting in my room in front of a computer screen all day during September. 

4. The seven months of pure, blissful vacation time we all got this summer. We were all able to go out to stores, hang out with large groups of friends, and eat delicious food at crowded restaurants without worrying about our health. Why would we worry about our health during summer break?

5. All the time to work productively this summer. I even left the warmth of my bed once or twice!

6. The face masks that we all get to wear everywhere, keeping our noses warm and our faces covered in acne as the weather in Santa Barbara reaches record lows. 

7. The delicious DC food that leaves us all glowing and satisfied, and the short lines to get it. 

8. The two-and-a-half months of a boring 2020 that ended abruptly in March. The year really zipped by.

9. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer, which can be found in abundance at cheap prices. 

10. Finally, despite how great this year has been, we are thankful that this year is almost over.

We hope everyone has a Thanksgiving as amazing as this year has been!

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