A day in the life of a Westmont athlete: Meet Chad Stoner

Alexis Mitchell, Staff Writer

As a transfer student to Westmont’s baseball program, Chad Stoner will enter his third year of undergrad education at Westmont College this year. Stoner is continuing his collegiate athletic career at Westmont after playing for Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Because Stoner has a rather different experience in becoming a Warrior mid-COVID-19, his daily routine offers a different perspective in comparison to other athletes.

Now that spring sports and baseball season are around the corner, Stoner tells us what his typical days look like when preparing for competition. According to Stoner, his schedule is relatively packed, which seems to be the case for most athletes.

Stoner begins his day at eight in the morning, early enough to get a quick bite to eat before class. Stoner’s go-to breakfast is typically eggs, bacon and oatmeal from the Dining Commons. As soon as he boosts his metabolism, he gets ahead on homework before his noon class. 

Stoner is typically in class until 3:00 p.m., after which he quickly makes the transition from the classroom to the field for practice. Stoner says, “The typical practice consists of a team warmup and catch, pitcher drills, bunt coverages and time in the bullpen.” This two-hour practice is densely packed and leads up to their team lift.

Stoner says the team lift is an additional hour and a half of mostly resistance training. Finally, Stoner and the rest of the team head to the Dining Commons for dinner. Stoner says his favorite dinner includes an interesting combination of pizza, salad and quinoa.

After dinner, Stoner’s day finally slows down when he returns to his dorm to play video games and watch Netflix. Some of Stoner’s favorite shows include “The Office” and “American Horror Story.” As for video games, he plays a lot of “MLB The Show” and “Call of Duty.” After a combination of these, Stoner rests and prepares for the next day in the life of a Westmont student athlete.

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