Buccaneers sail to victory in Super Bowl LV

Raymond Vasquez, Staff Writer

The 2021 National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl LV was expected to be an exciting matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. These teams were led by their respective star quarterbacks: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. The battle between the greatest quarterback of all time and possibly the greatest quarterback of our time promised to be an amazing game. However, it did not go the way many expected. The Buccaneers came out firing on all cylinders both on offense and defense and the Chiefs could not respond to the onslaught. The Chiefs did not have an answer to control the continuous attack on Mahomes, nor did they have any way to get to or stop Brady.

“A little disappointing” was how third-year Ryan Tamte described his feelings on this year’s Super Bowl. While not a specific fan of either team, he had hoped it would have been more “competitive.”

When the Chiefs were on offense, the Buccaneer defense got to Mahomes very easily and often — they were even able to sack him a few times. He was eventually injured. The Buccaneer defense consistently neutralized the offensive power the Chiefs had shown in previous games. It was a very unusual game because the Chiefs were not able to generate any offense and had to settle for field goals.

At the end of the first quarter, the Buccaneers had a 7-3 lead, which was not an accurate reflection of the game because the Buccaneers dominated in all aspects. By halftime, they had already increased the lead to 21-6 and it felt as if the game was already decided. Still, there was hope the Chiefs would come back and take control. They had previously established themselves as a second-half team and had come back from worse point deficits before.

At the start of the second half, the Chiefs took the kick-off, and many expected Coach Andy Reid to make adjustments to make the game more competitive. This unfortunately was not the case and the offense did not show any fighting spirit, scoring only one more field goal in the third quarter and leaving the score at 31-9. By the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs had effectively given up and neither team scored, leaving the final score at 31-9 as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blew away the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Super Bowl entertainment reaches beyond the field with its host of iconic commercials and the halftime show. This year, the show was performed by artist The Weeknd. When asked about his thoughts on the halftime show, Tamte expressed his love for it: “It was phenomenal. The Weeknd is my favorite artist.” 

As for the commercials, Tamte stated that there “were a few good ones, but no memorable ones.”

While this game may not have been the epic matchup many had hoped for, it marked many firsts for the National Football League.

Every year, a new city is selected to play host to the Super Bowl, and 2021 marks the first time in NFL history a home team played in a Super Bowl in its own stadium. Additionally, Sarah Thomas was officially the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl after making history as the first female referee in the NFL. Another big first was Tom Brady winning his seventh Super Bowl, officially giving him more victories than any other NFL player or franchise. Though the stadium was not packed to the brim with cheering fans, a very sweet moment included all of the pandemic first responders being able to watch the game in person free-of-charge.

So, while not the most memorable in recent years, this year’s Super Bowl had many fun moments, notably a streaker running through the field. More importantly, it brought many together to enjoy the game together, which might be just what was needed after this past year.

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