In full swing: Westmont golf begins 2021 season

Aaron Best, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Westmont Golf kicked off its 2021 season at the Sea Beggars Invitational after no official competition since 2019. While the teams had a few tournaments in the fall of 2020, the full official season has only just begun. Our Westmont golfers will now compete in a tournament every other weekend.

When asked about the differences in competing under COVID-19 restrictions, Tom Ridd, a member of the men’s team, said, “I think the biggest difference is obviously having to get tested before you go to tournaments. Everyone is desperate to play and I pray that no one gets unlucky. Golf is socially distanced anyway, so there aren’t any major changes.”

For their first tournament, our teams headed down to Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena to finally get a chance to step on the course. 

After being away from tournaments for so long, the team definitely had some adjustments to make. Kat Bevill, a member of our women’s team, gave some of her thoughts on competing for the first time in months.

“At first, admittedly, I was nervous to pick back up tournament golf after not really having any competition since fall of 2019. With that being said, though, it has been refreshing, to say the least, to be back competing against other schools and being together as a team and traveling.”

After a long, intense weekend of competition, the women’s team finished in last place, and our men’s team finished second to last. While it wasn’t the result our Warriors wanted, Bevill reflected positively on the weekend:

“We all know that golf can be a draining and mentally grueling sport, so having fun as a team keeps things light and enjoyable. I know with the same effort we have been recently putting into our games, our girls’ team could be a force to be reckoned with come playoff season!”

For the Westmont golf teams, it’s a blessing to simply be back out on the course again. Bevill and Ridd both agree that tournaments like these, and the season as a whole, will be marked by the close-knit nature of the teams. When asked about the team dynamic, Ridd said, “Everyone is super excited. I love the team this year, how everyone feels together. We all showed a lot of fight and character as we battled in tough conditions.” 

This seems to be the difference-maker for the two teams. Staying committed to the joy of playing and fighting through adversity together makes all of the wins and losses worth it. With many tournaments left to play, and a team dedicated to the fight, Westmont Golf is ready to make this season its own.

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