Spikeball: A Westmont staple


Creed Bauman

Spikeball at Westmont is a competitive and exciting way to connect with friends!

Gretchen Scherrei, Staff Writer

Picture this: it’s a sunny afternoon on the Westmont campus. You’re enjoying a walk by Kerrwood Hall and pass by a group of students playing a round of Spikeball on the lawn between classes. Or maybe a trip to the beach reveals a crew of Westmont students gathered around a Spikeball net as they take a break from school and studying, just like you are. 

Whether you’ve been in the circle tossing the ball around or you prefer to watch from the sidelines, most Westmont students know of the game. 

So what makes Spikeball such a popular sport at Westmont? Spikeball is fun to play, easy to learn, and allows players of all skill levels to participate. 

“When you practice you can get good, and anyone can practice, so anyone can get better,” said Anika Erlenborn, a first-year student. 

Even people who don’t typically play sports can pick up Spikeball with ease. It’s easy to play and talk at the same time, making it a social sport or fun way to gather together on campus. Unlike other popular campus sports, Spikeball doesn’t require a lot of people to play. As the game is generally played with two teams of two, it’s easy to get a game started with a roommate and some friends. 

While other sports require fields or courts, Spikeball can be set up and played almost anywhere!  All that’s required is a round net, a ball, and space to play. It’s most commonly seen on the beach, where sand makes diving for the ball a little less painful, but Westmont students set up nets on the lawns around campus and dorm hall lounges as well.

Spikeball has brought people together on the Westmont campus in ways other activities don’t. 

Sophomore Ryan Daedler shared his thoughts on the role Spikeball plays on the Westmont campus: “I think if you’re willing to reach out to new people and make an effort to hang out with them, then Spikeball can be a great way to bring people together that wouldn’t normally otherwise.” 

Second-year Nik Day agreed, saying “it builds community … I’ve actually made friends playing Spikeball.” While Nik mentioned enjoying Spikeball for “the competitive nature,” other Westmont students just enjoy it for the social aspect. 

“I’ve seen people play Spikeball on campus a lot, usually on the weekends but on the weekdays too,” shared Erlenborn. “Although it can be competitive at times, it’s still really fun!”  

Spikeball has been a means of community here on campus. During a time when we strive for more togetherness and desire good rest, this game has been a great example of what unity really is.

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