The NBA season and student opinion

Jillian Hurin, Staff Writer

At Westmont, basketball is a very popular sport. This popularity is represented both within the collegiate basketball arena and in regards to the NBA. As the half-way mark of the NBA season fast approaches, we listen around campus to what Westmont students are talking about in terms of the league.

To provide context, the Miami Heat currently hold the first place standing in the Eastern Conference and the Phoenix Suns are first in the Western Conference. The Golden State Warriors follow close behind in the Western Conference. Despite Draymond Green’s current back issue and Stephen Curry’s unfortunate shooting slump, the Warriors continue to play great basketball. 

The Golden State Warriors are a popular team among Westmont students. First-year Reagan McDougall reflects on the team: “This season, I am rooting for the Warriors because of their style of play — unselfish ball movement. They lost that style when Kevin Durant joined the team, but now they are back to it, and winning.” 

Second-year Will Mundell explained his view on the season, focusing specifically on the Warriors. “I don’t follow the NBA, but I heard that Steph Curry can really shoot a three-point basket!”

Third-year Taylor Stephens is very confident that this NBA season will be filled with skill and surprising outcomes. He said, “it seems that, in this NBA season, every team has the skill and ability to beat anyone in the League. [There have been] so many upsets and thrilling games.” 

Stephens’ preferred team is the Los Angeles Lakers, a team with a cult following here at Westmont, but he acknowledges that they are not doing too hot right now. The Lakers are currently in ninth place in the Western Conference, with an overall record of 24 wins and 27 losses, unusual stats for the LA Lakers. With LeBron James — their coveted franchise player — out due to injury, it’s not looking hopeful for this team right now. 

Westmont students have made it clear that certain underdog teams should not be counted out, namely the Cleveland Cavaliers. Second-year Mitchell Wybenga said, “The Cavaliers are my sleeper team; they are doing really well.”

Second-year Shawn Yoshitani added to this sentiment: “The Cleveland Cavaliers are insane right now, and I don’t think anyone expected that. They are an underdog for sure.”

There is still considerable time left in the season and, as previously mentioned, there looks to be a lot of talent and skill on each team. Westmont basketball fans: stay tuned for an unexpected and exciting 2022 NBA basketball season. 

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