Senior Series: Audrey Brown

Jillian Hurin, Staff Writer

Women’s volleyball athlete Audrey Brown was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona with her three older siblings, all of whom graduated from Westmont. During childhood, she fell in love with the sport of volleyball and has placed great emphasis on it ever since. 

When asked about her first days playing volleyball, she said, “I started playing volleyball in sixth grade and was hooked because of the team aspect and how challenging it was.”

However, Brown began taking the sport seriously during her junior year of high school, when she started playing for a club team. For Audrey, “this is where [she] was able to see [her] potential as a collegiate athlete.”

Club volleyball is generally more competitive than high school volleyball, and it is a great way to learn if you want to play at the collegiate level.

Audrey’s love for the sport pushed her to pursue playing volleyball in college and, while searching for the right team, she said that “God ended up opening doors for [her] through both academic and athletic scholarships,” making Westmont an easy choice. 

Brown’s coaches also played a crucial role in this process. Brown acknowledged this and said that, through her high school career, many of her coaches “encouraged [her] to pursue playing beyond high school.” She took this advice and worked hard to be recruited at the collegiate level, which paid off as she is now playing at Westmont College for her fourth year.

For many athletes, other professional players serve as role models both on and off the court. While this is also true for Audrey, she proudly mentions her teammates as one of her biggest influences. She feels that they push her to be the best player she can be. She says, “specifically, Sydney Dunn has shown what it looks like to give 100% day-in and day-out and work hard, even in the toughest situations.”  

During her time at Westmont, Audrey has been a great addition to the team. In the recent 2021 season, Brown had a total of 139 kills and scored a total of 167.5 points. This season proves to be her most successful one yet. 

She has also expressed how grateful she is for the Westmont community. She reflected on the recruiting process, saying: 

“I chose Westmont because, when I visited, I could tell the team really loved each other and was a family. During the recruiting process, I remember former coach Patti Cook and current coach Ruth McGolpin really making sure I was a good fit for the team and for Westmont — both physically and emotionally — and that was something that no other coach in my recruiting process had done.” 

The encouraging nature of the Women’s volleyball team exists both on and off the court, as they support each other athletically and academically. Having a team environment such as this one, combined with faith as a significant part of the players’ lives, shows during the games and while amongst their peers in school. 

As Audrey reflects on  her volleyball career here at Westmont, she recalled the trips she went on with her team, specifically remembering “going to Sioux City, Iowa for the National Tournament.” She remembers having an incredible time with her team and relishing the opportunity to compete at such a high level against other collegiate teams. 

While Westmont volleyball fans will miss seeing Audrey Brown on the court, she sets a precedent for good leadership and overall encouragement for the team to follow. She has left a very positive impact on the Westmont community, especially within the volleyball program.

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