Senior Series: Cade Roth

Syd Burnama, Staff Writer

Mens’ basketball athlete, Cade Roth was born and raised in Silverton, Oregon. Roth has played basketball since the first grade, including four years of high school basketball with three of those years being on the varsity team, all while playing Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) club before attending Westmont in 2018. Since then, Roth has been a key player in the starting five rotation. 

Roth shared, “My plans have always been to play at the collegiate level, to keep building on the Roth legacy. Both of my parents played in college, as did eight of my cousins on the Roth side. Westmont seemed like the perfect fit, in part because of Coach Moore, who recruited me, incorporating faith into my studies, and — obviously — the weather.”

Westmont has encountered many athletes, but Roth has stood out through his leadership and representation of Christ both on and off the court. Not only is he a leading scorer, but he knows how to share the ball and also has a high basketball IQ, allowing him to see plays on the court that no one else does.

Roth is known for his humility and can get a crowd going with one of his effortless dunks or deep clutch threes. However, just like most athlete testimonials, Roth has a unique story that has touched the hearts of many. 

He shared: “Earlier this year, I was told that I could never play basketball again. I had been diagnosed with HOCM, a heart disease that would’ve never allowed me to play sports again. I was devastated, but realized that whatever God had planned for me was what I was going to have to endure. Thankfully, God planned for me to keep playing hoops. After about a month, it turned out that there was a misdiagnosis and I could be on the court again. That specific time of adversity taught me that I am a son of God first, a basketball player second. It also taught me how to have gratitude, reminding myself that I get to play the sport that I love most.”

For this 2021-2022 season, Westmont Basketball has picked up many highly skilled athletes, with a new squad and coaching staff. Roth recalls a memorable game against Arizona Christian: “ACU was ranked in the top 10 at the time, so there was nothing for us to lose. We had collectively the best performance of the year and to beat them on their home floor felt special. It was also a tight game the whole way through, which made coming on top even better.”

With good basketball and entertaining plays, this team makes it easy for the stands to fill up and cheers to echo. Moving forward, the conference tournament starts on Feb. 23. Roth and others are excited to witness how the team will perform after already facing and overcoming much adversity. 

Although it has been an eventful four years of basketball, Roth also has a love for ministry off the court. He is an intern at Fellowship for Christian Athletes which is an organization that works with the youth of Santa Barbara. He shared, “working with FCA this last year has made me realize my passion for the youth, so doing some youth ministry in the future is definitely intriguing. I have also thought about continuing basketball, whether that be as a trainer, a coach or even a player. Whatever God puts in front of me, really.” 

Whether Roth remains in Santa Barbara or returns to Oregon in his future, he is led by faith to further the kingdom of God through ministry and athletics, and is optimistic about the unknown plans God has in store. 

Westmont Men’s basketball has had the privilege to be inspired by Cade Roth’s testimony and character. The coaching staff will be recruiting players with skills and leadership similar to Roth’s. He has set a lasting foundation for the basketball program and we wish him the best of luck wherever the Lord will lead him.

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