The Horizon

How others are living in Quarantine

Jacob Francis, Influencer

April 8, 2020

We’ve all had some unexpected time on our hands recently, what with a deadly pathogen looming outside our doorsteps. So we took to interviewing everyday students about what they’re doing to stave off the greater threat: b...

A “Virtual” Tour of Westmont

Jalin Coert

April 8, 2020

Jalin Coert A “Virtual” Tour of Westmont During this time of uncertainty, I would like to be the first to acknowledge the possibility of potential Westmont students having to experience a virtual tour of our beautif...

A guide on how to spend your days during ~QUARANTINE~!

Ashton Kelly

April 1, 2020

Now that it’s been over a week since Westmont kicked everyone off campus, I thought I would put together a helpful guide on how to spend the next five weeks!   11:30 a.m. Wake up! Take your time! This is a ver...

Fun things Seniors have to look forward to this semester!

Ashton Kelly

March 25, 2020

Hello Seniors! What a four years it has been for us at Westmont College! At this point, I’m sure we’re all just used to the routine of having to do school in major times of crisis as if nothing is happening, and for that we c...

Origins Unknown

Jacob Francis, Biology Participant

March 25, 2020

Disclaimer: Though we at Capstone do not believe that the COVID-19 outbreak is a matter to be taken lightly and the tragedies that have resulted from it cannot be overstated, our mission is to bring an ounce of levity to our ...

Definitely Not a COVID-19 related news report

Jalin Coert, An Introvert Thriving in Self-Isolation

March 25, 2020

During this time of toilet paper hoarding, no handshakes, and endless take out, the news has been nothing but “Coronavirus this” and “Coronavirus that.” Not to say that these updates aren’t important (wash your hands, kid...

Yelp Reviews of the Horizon

Jalin Coert, Leaves Yelp Reviews of Yelp Reviews on Yelp

January 29, 2020

I have always been a dedicated Yelp reader. There’s nothing quite like settling into bed with a hot cup of tea and browsing through extremely accurate and fair reviews of shops, restaurants, parks, and even countries. One evening...

Sage Advice

Jacob Francis, Student Alumni Association Adjunct

January 29, 2020

We all have burning questions inside us. Why is the DC soft serve so addicting? What actually goes on in the Oceanview apartments? Will I be able to get a job after graduating? So this week we took to you, the students, and polle...

Toilet Paper Terrorism

Soren Walker, Toilet Paper Expert

January 22, 2020

(Alyssa Beccue) Dwight Shrute, in response to the use of two-ply toilet paper, once said, “Don’t get me started on how coddled the modern anus is.” Well, Dwight, you are an “ignorant slut,” because my anus is coddled and I firml...

New Year’s Resolutions For Every College Student

Jalin Coert, Lifestyle coach, very professional MFT, and all-purpose guru

January 22, 2020

  (Ransom Bergen) Hello Westmont, and welcome to the new year of 2020. I, your very qualified lifestyle coach and go-to counselor for any and every issue, am here to advise you on what sort of New Year’s resolutions are right...

A Westmont Dictionary

Jalin Coert, Editor and chief of Webster’s Dictionary for Children

November 7, 2019

Beloved Westmont, I hope you all enjoyed this past Parents’ Weekend. To be honest, my weekend was rather bitter, as Holly Beers did not respond to my letter asking her to substitute as my father for the First Year Parents week...

Will Silence Fall?

Jacob Francis, Pumpkin Spice Devotee

November 7, 2019

Problems continue to confront the student body of Westmont college. Most recently, student groups have taken up a new cause to champion at the forefront of the ever-fleeting social attention span. The subject of the recent upris...

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