The Horizon

2019-2020 Staff

Emily Washburn

Editor in Chief

Emily Washburn is a communications major with a passion for all things The Office and an inability to stay away from the ocean.

Wesley Stenzel

Managing Editor, A&E Editor

Wesley Stenzel is a senior political science major and film minor with a passion for the arts. This is his third year with the Horizon, and he loves discussing movies, music, and politics with anyone who will listen to him ramb...

Jada Fox

Students Editor

Jada Fox is a senior English major who wanted to be an astronaut, but settled for cloud-gazing instead.

Anna Besh

Features Editor

Ashton Kelly

Capstone Editor

Ashton Kelly is a senior Biology major whose main goal is to blow up, and then act like she don’t know nobody.

Christa Kurkjian

Sports Editor

Christa Kurkjian is a junior Communication Studies major who is passionate about the Lakers and a good cold brew.

Shae Caragher

Op-Ed Editor

Shae Caragher is a social science - sociology major who spends 98% of her time at Dune on Anacapa drinking black coffee even though her doctor tells her not to.

Ransom Bergen

Graphics & Comics Editor

Wesley Brown

News Editor

Kara Vaughan

Photo Editor

Kara Vaughan is a senior studying biology and psychology. Her mother raised her to believe that eating peanut butter and cheese quesadillas was normal, and now she will never trust anyone again.

Emma Wade

Design Editor

Emma Wade is a senior Studio Art and Communication Studies double major with a deep love of food photography and her carefully curated Pinterest boards.

Jordan Douthit

Web Design & Social Media

Jordan Douthit is a junior computer science and art double major who enjoys using all of her brain all of the time and not getting any sleep.

Tim Metz

Business Manager

Tim Metz is a senior Economics and Business major with a love for beautiful spreadsheets.

Ashley Masso


Ashley Masso is a senior Economics and Business major who is obsessed with eating sweet potatoes

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