The Horizon

2020-2021 Staff

Hadley Whittle

Students Editor

Wesley Brown

Features Editor

Wesley Brown is a junior Mathematics and English double major who loves good tea and dogs

Shae Caragher

Op-Ed Editor

Shae Caragher is a senior social science - sociology major who spends 98% of her time at Dune drinking iced americanos and exorbitant amounts of coffee even though her doctor tells her not to.

Caleb Marll

News Editor

Caleb is a sophomore Religious Studies major who enjoys a good cup of coffee and has a not-so-secret love of Taylor Swift.

Charis Guerzo

Design Editor

Charis Guerzo is a senior Sociology major and Studio Art minor who delights in cumulus clouds and dances when she eats flavorful food.

Maggie Hine

Business Manager

Keziah Olsen

Copy Editor

Keziah Olsen is an English-Spanish Double Major who not-so-secretly wants to live in a Disney movie.

Abby Watson

Copy Editor

Ella Jennings

Graphics Editor

Ella Jennings is a sophomore Art and Psychology double major who adores espresso and spending time with friends and dogs.

Ethan Vaughan

Photos Editor

I'm a sophomore studying Physics and my only life goal is to get rid of the imperial measurement system.

Luke Spicer

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Luke Spicer is an English-Theatre Major who is more than happy to take time out of his day to try and get you to listen to Radiohead.

Jordan Douthit

Social Media and Website Manager

Jordan Douthit is a Computer Science  and Art double major who has a passion for creating delicious gluten free treats as well as playing disco music loudly for all her housemates.

Rachel Clyde


Rachel Clyde is a senior political science major, biology minor who loves sharks and the color pink.

Emily Washburn


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