The “Lego Star Wars” sequel we all deserve

Shaun Underwood, Staff Writer

Ever since the release of the original trilogy, Star Wars never quite found the right balance. The Prequels targeted young audiences, alienating their more mature viewers. The Sequels were terrible — ruthless, money-grabbing schemes. 

Against all odds, Disney managed to release a video game that does everything: “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.” While “Lego Star Wars” is ultimately a children’s game, it still gives long-time fans what they want and allows Disney to make money without triggering anyone. 

Pretty much anyone from age five to 5000 can play “Lego Star Wars” without a single problem. The Prequels get bogged down by the excessive ruminations on politics. Children don’t care about politics, they care about getting the next cool lightsaber model.

However, The Prequels still check most of the boxes of a successful kid’s movie: simple plot, young protagonist and marketability for toys. This unfortunate combination means The Prequels are less enjoyable for children, who don’t like politics, as well as long-time fans, who don’t like the clear marketing toward children.

There’s no crazy, political b-plot to deal with in “Lego Star Wars.” The full faculties of the game lean towards a parody of The Prequels. Children can enjoy the game’s simplistic story while also getting a good laugh. Plus, if the hijinks get too complicated, there’s always “mumble mode.” In “mumble mode,” the characters no longer speak any intelligible language; instead, they mumble all their lines. “Mumble mode” makes the already-wacky lego characters more hilarious while making even more fun of The Prequels.

Long-time fans can jump on the “Lego Star Wars” bandwagon, as well. The Sequels and Prequels are divisive films in the franchise. Luckily, fans from all ages and walks of life can agree that making a video game pseudo-parody of the movies creates an enjoyable experience for everyone. “Lego Star Wars” dumps the erroneous politics of The Prequels and the stale dialogue sometimes found in The Originals while correctly bashing The Sequels. 

None of the nine Star Wars movies are perfect, yet what makes the movies so magical is their ability to bring people together from all sorts of backgrounds and ages. However, when the newer movies drifted from the unity of the first three, fans were left wanting more. “Lego Star Wars,” while itself far from perfect, oddly combines all the amazing parts of each trilogy to make an enjoyable experience for any lover of the space opera.

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