The latest “smash” hit?

Kaleb Martinez, Staff Writer

Did a light elf convince you she was Megan Thee Stallion just to take your money? You know who to call: She-Hulk, Attorney at Law. The latest series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s line-up, “She-Hulk,” dives into the life of Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany), an aspiring attorney burdened by her new hulkish form. 

The show opens with Walters being nervous about her first case as a new lawyer. Suddenly, Jennifer breaks the fourth wall and recalls a freak accident with her lethally radioactive cousin Bruce Banner, aka “The Incredible Hulk”. During this accident, his blood mixes with hers giving Walters her own unique “Hulk” persona, one she can effortlessly control. 

The series diverges from other Marvel projects by choosing to be a sitcom and a law drama over the traditional action-adventure series. Throughout the series, Jennifer has to learn to balance her life with her new persona. She experiences how it’s not easy being green, whether it be men only romanticizing her hulk-form, her new boss requiring her to be a hulk at work, or Jen only gaining recognition for being She-Hulk, not Jennifer Walters. Her love life, her career and her relationships are now intertwined with her jolly green alter ego that is now forever a part of her.

Like many of Disney Plus’ recent episodic series, She-Hulk is only planned to have less than a dozen episodes. For better or for worse, many of Marvel’s short series rely on fast pacing to accommodate for the limited run time. Additionally, She-Hulk is a show that thrives on its comedic writing. For example, there is a gag of her succeeding on Tinder as She-Hulk rather than Jennifer Walters. But at its roots, the idea of She-Hulk is an interesting character concept because, as a lawyer, she has the ability to deal with the legal ramifications of a world filled with superheroes and supervillains when, in fact, Walters is a superhero herself. 

A case covered in this show is the return of the once decorated soldier Emile Blonsky from the 2008 film “The Incredible Hulk”. As a reminder, Blonsky, or “The Abomination” was hired by the government and had his brain fried when he was pumped full of super soldier serum and then dosed with gamma radiation. He, like Bruce Banner, became a monster and did so for his country. In the end, however, was villainized and locked away. That is until he was finally freed 15 years later during the span of the show. Blonsky represents the notion that just because we follow the superheroes as they fight villains and save the day, there are usually unrealized casualties. 

All in all, She-Hulk’s numerous cameos from Blonksy, Wong and others make the show a fun watch. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally follow the loose thread that is “The Leader” after his tease in “The Incredible Hulk” 14 years ago.

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