First comes love, then comes marriage …


Ella Jennings

“Yes, your little devi- I mean baby, is really cute.”

Angela Tran, Staff Writer

… then comes the baby in the Westmont carriage! It’s been a whole semester since the college’s most recent graduation requirement in February encouraged many happy couples to get hitched. Many of these lovebirds are already approaching a new season in life: the third trimester.

Our family life experts rated their top picks for baby names — ones with special significance for your little one. It’s more than a name, it’s a lifestyle! Whether you’re going for a moniker that’s familiar or something more unique, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the best biblical names for your child to live up to.

  1. Cain & Abel: The OG dynamic duo! It was a good choice for the first-ever couple, so it’s a great option for yours as well. If you accidentally ended up with twins, this is the perfect pairing for you. Imagine your little angels, so different but so passionate about their respective interests. Growing up together, going out to the field together, being each other’s keeper, etc.
  2. Jezebel: Evoking a girl who puts the “evil” in “devil,” this is a wonderful choice for your little one. She may be a girlboss, but by no means must she gaslight or gatekeep; for example, the biblical Jezebel shared Baal with her husband and entire kingdom, instituting widespread worship of the Canaanite god. She also harassed the prophets of Yahweh, threatened Elijah and murdered a man to take his vineyard. So much accomplished in one lifetime! 
  3. Nebuchadnezzar: This name is ambitious and fierce, so it’s great for a small kid with big dreams. Some tasks on the “to-do list” can include ravaging ancient Egypt, Israel and Judah, taking thousands of people into captivity and declaring themself a deity. Your child can be the hottest ruler of their time—after all, the inspiration from history often found himself throwing delinquents into a giant furnace. What a king!
  4. Judas: Do you want to manifest a self-sufficient child? Look no further for a name that makes people think of a man who takes what he wants. Whether it’s stealing from the group treasury or betraying the Son of God, this child knows where to go and how to get there. With this name, it’s almost a guarantee that your kid will grow up to be chosen for big promotions at work, added to an inner circle with eleven friends and one devil. Good odds for your baby!
  5. Delilah: A melodic name with absolutely no connection to a hit 2006 song. With this name, your beautiful baby girl will be sure to find love and success. Persistent, dedicated and easily swayed by Philistine silver, there are many possible qualities for her to develop. Surely this girl will always be assertive with her significant other, never taking “no” for an answer. She may acquire an odd obsession with hair, but maybe she’ll be a rockin’ stylist when she grows up!

If you’re expecting, congratulations! If you’re not, feel free to not-so-subtly hint these ideas to a friend who is. Either way, leave more great names you’ve heard in the comments below!

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