Football culture at Westmont

Serena Nohmeh, Staff Writer

Although Westmont College does not have a football team of its own, one of the most significant cultures across this campus is football culture! Walking into the Clark A lounge, you’ll see students huddled up watching the broadcasting NFL game or College GameDay. With sports being a significant part of the Westmont community, many students wish we had our own team.

For the fourth year in a row, football is California’s most popular sport, hence why individuals like myself get “football fever.”

Luke Hong, a Westmont student who watches every NFL and college game during football season, mentioned, “Football brings the community together and brings many fans together. It unites fan bases from all around the world.”

Hong would like Westmont to consider starting a football team, saying, “the community at Westmont is filled with great people and amazing alumni. The impact a football team would have on such a small school would really spread the word about Westmont, bringing more spotlight to our school.”

Without a doubt, Westmont students love football! Have you heard the conversations in the DC lines?

“I’m taking Lions -1, Saints +2.5, Broncos -10” or “Bengals -4 back with Dolphins at +2.5 at +105. Now, either side of the line is -110.”

That sounds like a bunch of gibberish to non-football fans, but as Anthony Miranda mentioned, “Understanding football lingo was confusing at first, but it’s like any other language, once you understand it, you can’t describe a game any other way.”

In regards to college football specifically, many students here at Westmont are cult followers of many top teams around the country, even without a team for ourselves. Whether you are a true Southern California fan and following University of Southern California (USC) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), or you are a follower of the top dogs like Ohio State or University of Alabama, each fan has a space here to celebrate their team.

Third-year Mitchell Wybenga, an avid Ohio State fan, mentioned which teams he believes will make the college football playoffs and picked out some stand-out players this year: “Georgia, Ohio St., Oklahoma St. and USC,” he continued, “I think the Heisman favorites this year are CJ Stroud, Bryce Young and Jalon Daniels.”

Additionally, Wybenga offered an opinion on whether or not Westmont should have its own football team. He made it short and sweet by simply saying, “I don’t think we have the capacity for a football team.” It may or may not reflect the popular opinion regarding the implementation of a team, but it is one that is needed nonetheless.

Something that many football fans look forward to during the NFL season is the Super Bowl, a rather big event here at Westmont. Second-year Thomas Minissian mentioned, “I loved the Super Bowl last year with Dr. Dre, Snoop and more legends. I’m keeping up and the Dallas Cowboys just won the Giants, I recommend hosting tailgates in the yard, and hope Westmont can host the Super Bowl watch party for 2023.”

We are excited to see how the respective NFL and college seasons play out, and many students are eager to see how the football conversation plays out here at Westmont.

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