Small survey of Westmont students show the majority prefer Bon Appétit’s DC

However, students still complain of a lack of option


Noah Nims

Students in line at the DC

Jenae McInnes, News Editor

As one of the news articles published last week on The Horizon highlighted, student opinions on the Dining Commons (DC)  since Bon Appétit’s replacement of Sodexo varies greatly. On one hand, both Leon Darley — Bon Appétit’s General Manager —and students acknowledged that there are certain aspects of Sodexo that are missed by the community. However, Darley reiterated that student feedback on his end has been positive in respect to both the quality and flavor of Bon Appétit’s food. 

In an attempt to get a more widespread grasp on student opinion of the DC’s changes this semester, a survey was conducted of 45 Westmont students. The results of this survey are as follows:

48.8% of students who took the survey answered that they are enjoying the DC more than they did last year, while 25.6% said they are liking it about the same and only 7% said they are not enjoying it more. 18.6% of respondents are new students this semester and thus marked “N/A”. 

However, the results were more stratified when it came to the amount of options the DC provides in comparison to last year: 27.9% said they feel there are more options compared to last year, 25.6% said there were not as many options and the majority, around 30.2%, said the options were about the same. 

Finally, 41.5% of respondents felt their nutritional needs were not met in Bon Appétit’s meal options, while 58.5% said they were, echoing concerns that many respondents left in the comment section of the survey, one writing “we need ingredients and nutritional facts on items!!” and another wanting “more gluten free and dairy free options.” 

Though this survey by no means encapsulates the view of Westmont students as a whole, it provides a glimpse of the broad opinion on Bon Appétit’s DC. On the one hand, most students surveyed prefer Bon Appétit’s DC over Sodexo’s, but the highly-anticipated increase in option at the DC has not been fulfilled for most students. Despite this apparent lack of more options, the majority of students still feel that the DC is meeting their nutritional needs.

As the school year continues, perhaps Darley’s statement that Bon Appétit’s services are constantly adapting to student feedback will be able to further change the tide of student opinions toward the DC.

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